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Maximize future shopper conversion with Stories on gfknewron Consumer

Gain Lost Shopper insights that help you optimize strategy and drive sales

Quickly identify and recover lost market share opportunities

How many shoppers do you lose during the purchase journey? Which brands do they buy instead, why, and from which retailers? 

With prebuilt Stories on gfknewron Consumer, unlocking the power of instant lost shopper insights has never been easier.

  • Quantify Lost Shopper Impact: Understand the size and value of your untapped opportunity. 
  • Uncover the 'Why': Gain deep insights into why shoppers are choosing competitor brands. 
  • Precision Targeting for the Future: Armed with this knowledge, refine your strategies to maximize future conversion. 

Stories on gfknewron Consumer help you act at speed quickly and efficiently visualizing and defining insight-rich narratives that ensure you tap into lucrative opportunities and respond to evolving customer behaviors.  

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