gfknewron Consumer Audience Profiler

Simplify the complex consumer journey into a single framework to know your buyers better than ever before
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Distill the complex shopper journey into a single global audience framework of seven consumer audiences

Shopper behavior is increasingly complex. Resilient and successful manufacturers and retailers need a way to simplify these complexities into a consistent framework, for use across their organization, to answer multiple business needs, and enhance existing understanding with a shopper focused mindset.

Drive revenue by knowing exactly who your high value buyers are

Offer more relevant products, features, and messaging with a deep understanding of the distinct characteristics of each of your target groups.




  • Get an in-depth demographic profile of different buyers and optimize targeting with specific objectives
  • Know how you are performing by comparing shopper audiences against your performance indicators
  • Understand audience triggers and purchase criteria to create your relevant messaging



Exceed your business goals by prioritizing the best performing channels

Maximize sales by placing your products on the channels where you target groups buy



  • Leverage easy-to-view channel sales performance insights to get targeted results
  • Manage buyers’ expectations across the Technology and Durables category with the right product solutions and offers through the suitable channels
  • Create a buyer-specific common language across organizational departments and develop effective strategies swiftly


Quantify the true size of the opportunity and capture trends to plan ahead

Unlock  more opportunities with a single, data-science based solution



  • Quantify the size of your entire opportunity within the Technology and Durables market and target different types of audiences at the same time
  • Monitor the different buyer behaviors regularly and stay ahead of competition
  • Target the right customers and markets to win


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