Business of the future: Striking a balance between humans and machines

How AI is shaping a world optimized for people and profit

AI is transforming all areas of your business. Are you unlocking its full potential?

​​​​​​​Technology has been transforming the way we do business for years now, and the culmination of events in 2020 accelerated this trend at a break-neck speed. Leaders of today are prioritizing technology now to stay ahead tomorrow. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most crucial pieces of technology that businesses are investing in. Our latest report and video interview explore AI's impact on the future of business, the workforce, and decision-making processes. 

Prepare your business for tomorrow's AI-enhanced world

Our latest report will help you to understand how AI will impact your business so that you can adapt first and win.  

Brand Insights

Know how businesses plan to leverage AI in the future

Get an overview of how AI is currently used and how brands plan to invest in it in the future so that you can take advantage of machine-powered intelligence.

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See how it will change your workforce and recruiting process

See which tasks AI will take over - and which it won't! - to hire and train the right people with the right skillsets to tackle your complex business questions.

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Understand how AI boosts profits and reduces waste

See how AI can streamline operations and squeeze every last drop of value from  resources to increase profits and minimize over/under stock situations.

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Hear opinions from our expert in machine learning

Watch an interview with our VP of Product to understand how AI can be implemented to grow, scale, and improve your business. 

AI-powered insights that predict the future of leading brands 

Leverage AI insights to make smarter, faster, more accurate decisions. gfknewron connects all your relevant sales and consumer data across your entire global product portfolio into an easy to use, easy to customize, intelligent platform for real-time, always-on, machine-driven intelligence to react, plan, predict, pivot, and win. Make your next move transformative. 

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See how AI is transforming business and hear our take on its future impact in our latest report