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Marketing Effectiveness
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Marketing Effectiveness

Increased competition, evolving consumer demand, the increasing importance of digital channels, coupled with wavering brand attachment means brands are under constant pressure to remain relevant for consumers. Having a strong brand and being prominent in the consumers mind is more important than ever to reach and maintain strong market share. This demanding and fast-paced environment requires a deeper understanding of your marketing activity to allow you to:

  • Develop short term sales and build long-lasting brand impact
  • Maximize marketing ROI
  • Identify the ideal budget allocation for each channel to maximize impact
  • Define your ad potential pre-launch to enhance consumer engagement

Across GfK’s Marketing Effectiveness portfolio, we integrate traditional survey-based data with passive behavior to build leading-edge insights.

Our GfK Marketing Effectiveness business solutions provide a holistic view on your brand, helping you to take actions to maximize the outcome of your marketing and balance between short term sales activations and longer term brand impact. We are working with market insights data, alongside third party data providers to measure the value of your business, and provide actionable recommendations to drive sales uplift.

Furthermore, our solutions enable us to accurately predict the success of advertising before launch, and evaluate the impact of your advertising post campaign. We go beyond traditional advertising to understand the spectrum of all touchpoints, whether paid, unpaid, or earned, to identify actions to improve both touchpoint ROI and long term brand performance. We link sales, promotion and media data to understand and quantify the ROI of your marketing mix and drive maximum efficiency in marketing spend.  

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