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Point of sales tracking

We track everything you need to understand how your products are really performing in the retail and technical consumer goods markets:

  • what products are selling, when, where and for how much
  • detailed understanding of your global and local market trends, from a macro view, right down to product level.
  • online and offline outlets, on a monthly and even weekly basis.

We look at how your performance compares to markets around the world, which channels are popular with retailers and manufacturers and why, and which retail trends are affecting your overall market.

Our approach uses the world’s largest retail network to track products and deliver market insights based on point-of-sale (POS) data for countries worldwide. Within the bounds of research methodologies and confidentiality regulations, we can benchmark and compare performance, even down to retail channel level.

Our solutions include:

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Laurence MichaelGlobal Head, Retail