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Point of Sales Tracking

Retailers and manufacturers are constantly under pressure to develop products and services that maximize sales and profit and to keep customers coming back.

Success relies on having the most up-to-date retail sales data, combined with an understanding of which products and services are performing well in the market – and which are not. With this knowledge, businesses can set clear strategies for commercial growth and increase return on investment.

Our Point of Sales (POS) tracking experts keep our clients fully up-to-date on what products are selling, where, when and at what price. Using both retailer and reseller data on actual sales, we help track market share and brand performance for our clients and their competition, and analyze global and local market trends.

Our smart insights help clients align product availability with the expected market demand, as well as optimize product assortment, distribution and pricing strategy.

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We collect POS data from retailers, resellers and distributors to adapt to changing market landscapes. And, we are continuously looking for new retail partners.

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