Technology & Telecommunications
Headquartered in
Hartmannsdorf, Germany

Facts & Figures

Retail partners
>30,000 throughout Europe
  • We began working with GfK during a time of international expansion and rapid market growth . We needed help to gather and interpret the vast amounts of data from the different markets we were venturing into and formulate strategies to maintain a competitive edge in these new arenas. GfK’s expertise, experience, and tools gave us the comprehensive view of the market and the competitive landscape we needed to succeed. The collaboration has enhanced our overall business systems, creating effective data-driven solutions that allow us to maintain our leadership in ICT distribution.”
    Marc Hosfeld-Köhn
    Vice President Channel Sales, KOMSA
KOMSA, established in 1992 in Germany, stands out as a premier tech distributor and service partner. Merging with the European renowned Westcoast Group, the companies form an alliance boasting a turnover of more than 5 billion Euros and a team of more than two thousand employees. Their influence extends across collaborations with 400 global manufacturers and 30,000 retail partners throughout Europe and a total of more than 75,000 points of sale. 

Given KOMSA’s growth strategy, the importance of a deep insight into their vast market became even more paramount. With GfK’s Distribution Intelligence and expertise, KOMSA achieves a clear understanding of its extensive operations, strengthening its leadership role in the IT and telecom distribution landscape and helping them to drive their country expansion.

The partnership between KOMSA and GfK has been established for years with both parties collaborating through GfK’s MI: Supply Chain panel which tracks distributors’ sales worldwide. As data delivering partner, KOMSA can access GfK distribution intelligence in return. The collaboration therefore creates a valuable win-win situation, helping KOMSA to make more informed decisions in fastchanging market dynamics and enriching GfK’s panel coverage at the same time.
  • The tools and expertise provided by GfK have equipped KOMSA with the capability to navigate the ICT landscape more effectively. By leveraging data-driven insights, we continually adapt and innovate, ensuring our ongoing success in a fast-paced, competitive market.”
    Anne Jeck
    Executive Vice President Retail & Solutions, KOMSA

Clarity in complexity

With GfK’s support, KOMSA now has a crystallized view of product ranges, market trends, and competitive landscapes. This clarity enables them to make proactive business decisions and ensure their product lines and resources align with market demands. The data-driven approach, enriched by GfK’s tools, has significantly impacted their strategic planning and operational efficiency. It also helps to fast-track changes in the market and adapt to these. “Whether it’s a shift in consumer behavior, the introduction of new technology, or a change in competitive dynamics – foreseeing trends gives us the chance to stay one step ahead of the competition and match our offer with fluctuating market demand. That’s why we match the insights that we gain from our daily business and our close relationships to our vendor and retail partners with GfK’s data.”, says Matthias Arnold, Senior Corporate Development Specialist at KOMSA.

Expertise and consulting for strategic decision making

However, KOMSA does not purely consume data. GfK’s expertise and consulting services which are provided within the partnership add further value to KOMSA’s business. Staying at the forefront of the distribution business in the IT & Telecommunication industry and expanding to new markets at the same time can sometimes be difficult in an ever-changing market environment. GfK’s experts thereby help to provide strategic consulting when it comes to important business decisions and providing insights into untapped markets.

A glimpse into our Distribution Panel

GfK’s Distribution Panel, the world’s largest distribution panel with over 300 partnering distributors in more than 45 markets globally, tracks distributors’ sales to POS retailers and resellers, monitoring product sales, channels, and prices, while offering weekly insights into 200 product groups across IT, Telecom, Office Equipment, and Consumer Electronics. As a leading ICT distributor, KOMSA benefits from our Telecom Panel which sets a high standard in the distribution sector. Infused with detailed data and insights, the panel is attuned to the evolving demands of the Telecom distribution landscape. As the industry progresses, our panel ensures that partners like KOMSA remain at the forefront, leveraging data to drive decisions that elevate their position in the market.

The fabric of true partnership

The synergy between KOMSA and GfK is a testament to their shared values and goals. Both organizations, through their close cooperation, have fostered a true partnership. This relationship ensures that as KOMSA scales, GfK remains a pivotal partner in its success journey.

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