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Supply and distribution are a challenge – can you succeed in today’s tough environment?

Supply chain constraints are one of the biggest issues plaguing the economy right now. A combination of global crisis, changing consumer expectations and purchase behavior, additional paths to market, and more have created complexities that we have never faced before.

These issues put profit margins under pressure as costs inflate. And they cause risks of stocking shortages or miscalculations.

For Technology Products & Durables, it is critical to understand these trends along the entire supply chain and stay ahead of them. To do this not only requires the right data in hand. Leaders must also evaluate and adjust based on this data fast and often, as markets are extremely volatile and changing constantly. The companies that can successfully adapt will come out on top.

With GfK Supply and Distribution solutions, Technology Products & Durables leaders can act fast to protect margins, avoid over/under stock, and develop strategies for sustainable growth. GfK’s solutions let you understand how inventory is tracking across channels, how pricing impacts inventory, where and when to adjust supply for a given product, and more. Plus, with AI-backed forecasting tools and pricing simulations, future planning becomes much clearer.


Market growth in 2022 (GfK Market Intelligence: Sales Tracker)


the number of available mobile computers in distribution markets Jan-Dec 2021 (GfK Market Intelligence: Supply Chain)


increase of distribution prices Jan-Dec 2021 (GfK Market Intelligence: Supply Chain)
  • The implementation of GfK Distribution data provides us with a valuable perspective on a broad number of tech categories and customer types as well as in-depth insights from a channel perspective. The Supply Chain Explorer tool demonstrates our market shares in a very convenient way, enabling us to react quickly to changing market trends.
    Adolf Markones
    Executive Managing Director, Ingram Micro GmbH Austria

Mitigate risk and ensure success in your supply and distribution strategies

Using a combination of GfK’s point of sale (POS) and distribution data, leaders in Technology Products & Durables and Retail can make sense of supply and demand to more efficiently manage logistics and sales to optimize stock.

Get a top level view or drill down on SKU level to detect potential for growth, channel optimization, and new opportunities. Or, use it to steer pricing and product management by evaluating promotional activities and your product lifecycles.

You’ll know:
  • How to adjust supply based on inventory across channels
  • Where to phase products in/out based on distributor shortages and supply
  • How to react to indirect channel trends 
  • What the key pricing developments are on a SKU level
  • What your margins are – and how it compares to your competitors
  • What tomorrow holds with forecasting tools and pricing simulations

State of Consumer Technology & Durables Report

After huge growth last year, T&D now sees a marked deceleration, exacerbated by inflationary pressures, supply chain challenges, and geopolitical instability. Despite the uncertainty, there’s still growth to be found for smart brands and retailers…you just need to know where to look.
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