GfK Geo+ Sales Territories

GfK Geo+ Sales Territories


Outside sales is a very cost-intensive sales channel. But if managed optimally, it’s also a major turnover and growth driver. To ensure sales effectiveness, you need to proactively align your sales structures to current market and company realities.

  • How can you adapt outdated structures to present conditions, and overcome internal resistance to change?
  • How can you more effectively and comprehensively cultivate your markets, balancing time and budget investment with optimal service for your clients?
  • Which objective performance indicators can you use to gauge your market position and communicate realistic and fair growth targets to top managers and sales reps.?

What we do

Our sales territory consultancy answers these questions and helps you optimize your sales structure for better market coverage, exploitation and efficiency. We do this by carrying out an in-depth regional analysis of your existing structure. This takes into account your criteria and goals, existing customer relations, infrastructural elements as well as geographic and cultural factors. We create a unified data model, and calculate your regional market potential. This is the basis for fairly distributing workload and regional turnover potential among your sales force members. We also model various scenarios to find the best fit, while guiding you every step of the way. To ensure a smooth implementation, we play many roles throughout the optimization process, from data analysts, scenario planners, and discussion hosts to change managers and business advisors.

How you benefit

Our experts design a structure that’s customized to your unique goals and criteria, with a focus on improving your efficiency and exploitation of potential. We pinpoint both underperforming regions and hidden champions so you can better distribute workload, gauge your market share and identify areas of untapped potential. Our impartial expert advice helps you overcome frozen structures, disorganization and resistance. We get everyone onboard with the changes through our transparent approach, many years of experience and objective arguments. Our detailed expert scenarios let you plan reliably and flexibly, and select the best option for aligning your sales territory structure with current market conditions and company goals. This makes both the implementation and future adjustments easy and straightforward, which optimally positions you for the present and future.

Why choose us?

We guide you through a proven change process and deliver objective results and benchmarks from one trusted source. We offer:

  • A proven process, method and tools: We’ve perfected our methodology, optimization approach and planning tools over many years. This allows us to tackle urgent and complex optimization projects.
  • Experience and industry expertise: Our approach to sales territory optimization is unique, as is our industry expertise. As planners and project managers, we’ve successfully guided thousands of optimizations in numerous countries.
  • Comprehensive and integrated insights: To complement the optimization process, we offer objective, trusted and custom-tailored GfK data on potential. And we bring clarity and precision to the process by integrating all data sources into a single data model.


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