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A powerful partnership answering key business questions

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Furniture retail (World's largest furniture retailer since 2008)

Facts & Figures

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$41.3bn (2021)


IKEA Austria uses the full range of GfK’s solutions to operate in an extremely competitive sector

We have worked with GfK for five years and during that time the team has helped us answer numerous business questions. We rely on them to not only react to challenges as they arise but to anticipate emerging trends and issues so we can address them fast. IKEA Austria operates in an extremely competitive sector and having a partner that we trust is extremely reassuring.

Michaela Messner

Insights Leader at IKEA Austria

A myriad of solutions that deliver depth and direction

IKEA uses a wide range of GfK’s solutions, from desk research, data analysis and trackers, to ad hoc consumer research – both quantitative and qualitative. A much-appreciated data source is GfK’s Consumer Life which offers rich insight into changing consumer behavior and attitudes as well as the values that influence how people shop. GfK’s experts provide the expertise, interpretation and analysis that brings this to life.

Rethinking everything: Informing Vienna’s inner-city concept store

IKEA Austria launched a city store in the center of Vienna in 2021. GfK supported the client team from the embryonic stages of the idea right through to awareness and perception research once the store had opened. The intelligence spanned desk research during the very early planning phase to sophisticated qualitative consumer groups on branding, communication and the shopping experience. This later phase allowed IKEA to identify and address pain points to optimize the concept. Today IKEA’s Westbahnhof offer sustainable design and an omnichannel experience in line with the changing expectations of today’s shoppers.


An effective partnership

IKEA Austria and GfK have built a harmonious working relationship. The brand trusts GfK’s team to provide the data, insight and consultancy they need to answer key business questions. An important element of the partnership is a flexible approach to insight delivery. The busy team at IKEA appreciates the interactive formats GfK offers to get to the heart of the findings, recommendations and guidance quickly. Whether tactical or strategic, this powerful partnership finds ways to address the many challenges of today’s competitive marketplace.

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