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Brand and Customer Experience

Brands are under pressure to develop emotional connections and relationships with consumers and business decision makers.

Success relies on delivering experiences that resonate with our clients’ target audience(s), across every experience point that consumers have with a brand, products or services.

We help our clients enhance their brand and customer relationships by analyzing and optimizing the emotional imprint – the customer experiences that drive immediate purchase decisions, as well as long-term connections. And we provide this at local, regional, or global level.

Our brand and customer experience (BaCE for short) research addresses the many touchpoints across the customer journey, creating lasting emotional connections.

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Success Stories
  • Validating and rebuilding retail assumptions for a pharma leader

    Validating and rebuilding retail assumptions for a pharma leader


    Our research gives our client insight into the “moment of truth” in antidiarrheal drug purchases.


    The company was facing major competition from cheaper alternatives, especially generic versions of the drug. It suspected that its marketing campaigns were also benefitting its rivals by creating shopper interest in over-the-counter antidiarrheal medicines. The organization asked us to investigate.


    The pharma manufacturer wanted to understand the “moment of truth” in the shopping experience – when a customer decides which brand to buy. Our methodology explored the behaviors of both protagonists in this event: the store sales representative and the shopper.

    We went on shop-along expeditions with consumers and interviewed them face to face toget a qualitative understanding of their behavior. We also did a quantitative, web-based study to measure the drivers of their actions. Then, we initiated mystery shopping to understand the actions of the pharmacy attendants.


    Our findings showed the client that many of its assumptions about the behavior of the shop clerks and shoppers were not accurate. This gave it insights that it could use to optimize marketing to consumers and merchandizing through the trade.

    The company had quantifiable data to drive its decisions and could use it to invest in brand communications and point of sales activation.

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  • Using guest feedback to improve the customer experience

    Using guest feedback to improve the customer experience


    GfK works closely with a leading hotel group to measure guest feedback and drive consistently great customer experiences through its properties across the globe.

    This leading hotel group is one of the largest in the world and has received numerous awards for demonstrating innovation and an extraordinary level of service.


    This leading hotel group aims to:

    • have high-quality dialogue with its guests
    • bring relevant and current data and analyses to its hotel operators so they can use it to improve the guest experience

    These goals demand that the hotelier extends the gathering of feedback beyond the traditional mechanism of surveys to include social listening intelligence from channels such as web reviews and social media.


    We partnered with the hotel group to power its new guest experience program.
    The hotelier uses our GfK Echo solution to gather guest feedback in real-time from numerous sources, including guest survey results, property audits and guest reviews from websites.


    The hotel group now has a guest experience tool that gives it:

    • a structured way of capturing feedback from the day guests arrive at a property, in the form and channel in which they prefer to provide it
    • the ability to view feedback from multiple channels on a single dashboard
    • a means to distribute actionable customer experience information to employees and managers at each hotel

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  • Enhancing brand performance in the US luxury auto market

    Enhancing brand performance in the US luxury auto market


    GfK researched one of Europe’s major auto manufacturers to determine the strength of its brand relationships with customers in the United States.

    A large European auto manufacturer that focuses on the luxury segment.


    This company has improved the perception of its product and brand in the US market over the past few years and is establishing itself as a serious alternative for premium car buyers. Though our client’s brand equity and sales are steadily growing in the US, we conducted research around ways our client could further strengthen its performance.


    We analyzed the auto manufacturer’s market impact using our Brand Vivo methodology – an approach that provides insight into consumer-brand relationships.


    The research showed the client is lagging the market leaders in consideration, familiarity and buying intention. We found that the automaker’s relationships with a high share of consumers in its target market were weak. Thus, to increase long-term brand success in the US, we recommended that the client:

    • evaluate current communications to ensure it had strong “personal fit” and “fun to drive”
    • monitor social media buzz and take actions to encourage website visits
    • ensure relevant distribution of service centers.

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  • Understanding consumers’ financial health in the US

    Understanding consumers’ financial health in the US


    GfK research helps CFSI understand and measure the financial health of Americans.

    The Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) aims to improve the financial health of Americans by shaping an innovative financial services marketplace with increased access to quality products and practices.


    CFSI needed to measure the current state of financial health in America and understand how the components (financial health indicators) interacted with one another.


    CFSI asked us to field the survey for its foundational research and to conduct a consumer segmentation. Survey questions covered a range of financial health indicators, including financial behaviors and attitudes, as well as financial products used.

    We also tapped into third-party data, such as consumer credit data from Lexis-Nexis Risk Solutions, to gain additional insight into consumers’ financial situation.


    CFSI used the survey data to compile its groundbreaking Consumer Financial Health Study. We collaborated with CFSI to identify seven segments across the full spectrum of financial health.

    The segments are driven largely by a set of behaviors and attitudes – such as planning for future expenses and approaches to saving – that present themselves regardless of age, income or education.

    CFSI continues to use the data in its thought leadership and work with financial services providers to build high-quality products and services.

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