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You know your own turnover, but do you know how these figures stack up against the actual market potential? Without this information, you lack an objective benchmark for gauging retailer and sales performance. To succeed in a complex market, you need to know how well you’re exploiting the regional potential for your product or service.

  • How can you fairly assess retailer and sales rep. performance, and set realistic market growth targets based on the available market potential?
  • Where is the most potential in your market, and how well are you exploiting it?
  • How can you hone in on local potential for your products and optimize your category management and POS strategy accordingly?

What we do

Our detailed insights on your product group, sales channel and sales regions allow you to more efficiently manage and exploit your markets. We help you objectively measure your performance, set more realistic targets and tap more potential. We draw on multiple data sources – such as aggregated information from GfK’s POS panels – and our proven geoanalytic methodology to calculate an objective benchmark that illuminates untapped potential and your regional market share. Using this indicator, you can directly compare the performance of your retail partners and sales reps. Our detailed regional insights also let you see where you’re strong and where you need to take action. This gives you a road map for aligning your sales planning, retailer selection and performance targets with your market potential.     

How you benefit

With these insights, you can tap unexploited potential and manage your retail partners more effectively. By knowing your regional potential, you can determine your actual market share and more accurately benchmark retailer and sales performance. This lets you focus your attention on regions with strong turnover potential and seize opportunities before your competitors.

Why choose us?

Our consultancy for regional turnover potential brings your market potential into clear focus and shows you how to exploit it. We offer:

  • A transparent and reliable basis for business decisions: Our proven methodology and leveraging of other GfK data and services give you integrated insights from a recognized and trusted source.
  • Objective benchmark informed by industry expertise: We deliver a benchmark for turnover potential that’s custom-tailored to your business. And our industry experts provide concrete advice on how to optimize your sales territories and branch network.
  • Unique GfK data sources: Our data and expertise offer detailed local insights into the potential for your product groups and sales channels, market-wide.


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