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TV Audience Measurement

With the development of video streaming and the multiplication of devices, TV and video consumption is evolving rapidly. Consumers can access content anytime, anywhere; from a smart phone on their daily commute to their PCs at home and measuring TV has become much more complicated.

Both advertisers and media owners need reliable audience metrics that reflect the changing dynamics in their marketplaces—finding a robust way to measure multi-platform, multi-format, time shift-able media activity and evaluate it for efficiency in order to help optimize TV programming, advertising inventory and campaigns’ reach for highest ROI.

Yet the majority of viewing still occurs at home on TV screens. Through a state-of-the-art, transparent system we monitor the TV viewing behavior of our panelists including terrestrial, cable, IPTV and satellite sources. By measuring both live and time-shifted viewing we capture the long tail of consumption—gaining a more robust view of opportunity to see and providing a single currency to the market.

We also look at consumers to understand their preferences, patterns of consumption, how they engage with content and what affect their loyalty. By linking this information, we deliver a deeper level of market analysis and pinpoint steps you can take to improve your performance.

Dominique Vancraeynest
Dominique Vancraeynest
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