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How will Generative AI impact the media business?

GfK Media Measurement Roundtable 2023

Expert insights from across the industry spotlight the impact of Generative AI and how best to capitalize

The debate around AI has surged in the past year. While tools like chatbots aren’t new, the rise of Generative AI — creating texts, images or other media — has grabbed attention. As platforms like ChatGPT and MidJourney innovate, the media world braces for change. Everyone’s asking: what’s next? 

Dive into this complex territory with expert insights from our 2023 roundtable white paper. Hear from leaders across the industry, sharing their take on AI’s impact on the media landscape. Get a comprehensive overview of: 

  • Early AI innovations, enhancing media sales, administration and more. 
  • AI content generation in text, audio & video production, and the effect on talent.  
  • AI and advertising and whether mixing your brand identity with AI could be risky.
  • Intellectual property challenges, and their impact on talent and brand creativity.
  • AI in the media ecosystem, and whether (or where) it could enhance talent efficiency or replace roles. 

Meet your 2023 roundtable contributors

Our moderator, Richard Marks, was joined by: 

  • Craig MacDonald, McKinsey & Company 
  • Graeme Griffiths, IPA 
  • Gufeng Zhou, Meta 
  • Matt Deegan, Folder Media 
  • Margo Swadley, BBC Studios 
  • Marco Robbiati, Omnicom Media Group  
  • Scott Thompson, Publicis Media 
  • Rick Hoving, Ster 
  • Moritz Fries, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE 
  • Lee Risk, GfK 

Hear their thoughts on opportunities, challenges and how best to capitalize on AI, unfiltered. Get your copy of the white paper today. 

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