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Gfk Evogenius Web

Online Performance Check

GfK Evogenius Web is an easy to handle and controllable Web tool for publication of media usage data. Reports and the appropriate graphics can be published automatically or ad hoc.

Access to data and functions are licensed on individual needs first.

In the second step the commercial unit itself can further limit the accesses for users or self-defined user groups. This takes information requirements of different interest groups into account. For example, a managing director needs to get a quick and efficient overview about current market developments, while a media researcher needs to look at the performance of a broadcast from different angles.

Imported data is processed and prepared in GfK Evogenius Web and is published online in a clear and appealing way. For internal use in a commercial unit your user may put any document of any format online. Evogenius Web also includes an internal mailing application.

Due to its interactive interface the handling of Evogenius Web is very simple and does not require any prior knowledge of the tool. On top, the technical effort is reduced: users just need Internet access and their individual login password. Thus, evaluation outputs can be viewed and downloaded anytime from anywhere - even with smartphones and tablets.

GfK Evogenius Web

GfK Evogenius Web

GfK Evogenius Web is an interactive web tool that allows users to generate user-defined views on media usage data. Result tables including separate listing and averages can be shown program-based and interval based. This includes overview about competitor constellations as well as performance analysis of programs and advertising.

The data is displayed via self-examplory graphics, which can be adjusted individually. Therefore Evogenius Web enables the user to be informed clearly and quickly about the latest usage trends.

To provide just insights which are relevant to each user, GfK Evogenius Web can be licensed individually regarding data, functions and control elements.

Target Groups

GfK Evogenius Web satisfies the interests of all hierarchy levels of a modern media enterprise.

Decision makers appreciate the tabular and graphical overview of customized data that allows to check the market situation at a glance, and therefore promptly make decisions.

Market researchers use Evogenius Web as a reasonable supplemental tool to their analysis software, because it allows access to the latest data anytime and anywhere.

In general everybody is getting a clear overview about the market situation by means of the prepared graphs without being familiar with a complex reporting tool.