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In a world of data overflow, disruption and misuse, picking up the right "signal from noise" is the key to win.

We at GfK have more than 85 years of experience in combining data and science to help you make the right business decisions. Together with our attention to detail and advanced AI, we provide you with world-class analytics that delivers not just descriptive data but actionable recommendations always-on at your fingertips. As a result, you can make key business decisions with confidence which help you drive sales, organizational and marketing effectiveness.

That’s how we power your decisions and help you become a shaper of tomorrow.

Promise to our clients

We are focused, accurate and technology-driven. Our business is 100% client-centric. We aim at creating easy-to-use solutions from advanced analytics that focus on the outcomes for our clients. Helping our clients achieve “Growth from Knowledge” by maximizing marketing, sales and organizational effectiveness is our key priority. That’s why we constantly pioneer new solutions that deliver true competitive advantage.

Client proposition

In a rapidly changing digital environment, we recognize that artificial intelligence, automation and innovation might outpace legislation. That’s why we are committed to the highest standards, which go beyond current legal obligations.

As actionable insights and prescriptive analytics begin with a strong foundation of data quality, GfK operates in adherence with globally mandatory operational procedures and methodologies across all business units.

Executive Leadership Team

GfK Social Charter

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As a global company, it is our responsibility to foster a working culture of trust and respect across the entire GfK network where no form of discrimination or harassment will be tolerated. All parties within the company commit to continuously support the development of a fair-minded work environment. The GfK Social Charter defines the social rights and ethic policies which guide our companies around the world. 

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The principles outlined in this Charter provide a mutual understanding of how all employees should act while respecting the laws, cultural traditions and labor agreements of individual countries. They ensure our people are able to share the benefits of our organization’s growth and work in an environment where they are truly valued.


The worldwide operation GfK Group endorses the core principles and rights set forth in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the Social Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. These are the universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity.

1. Equal treatment

GfK is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities as well as diversity and will not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, disability, age or sexual orientation.

2. Health, safety and dignity at the workplace

Every GfK employee is entitled to labor conditions which respect his/her health, safety and dignity. All measures relating to the improvement of health, safety and dignity at the workplace should be considered as a priority and shall be actively pursued and reinforced.

3. Remuneration

GfK complies with the right of reasonable remuneration as a compensation for the employees’ work in line with country specific labor markets and individual or collective contractual agreements.

4. Working time

GfK complies with the respective national rules and agreements on working time and paid leave.

5. Qualification

GfK employees are selected, hired and promoted on the basis of their qualifications, skills, aptitudes, achievements and potential. GfK sets a high value on skill development and mobility in the interest of both, the employees and the company, to guarantee a high standard of performance and quality of work. GfK is committed to offering development opportunities while at the same time emphasizing employees’ own initiative to maintain and reinforce their employability.

6. Freedom of association

GfK respects the right of employees to form or join organizations to voice their concerns about important issues in a lawful manner. GfK and the respective employee organizations will co-operate constructively in an open and trusted manner. Even in cases of disputes the goal should always be to achieve a fair balance of interests.

7. Corporate dialogue

GfK encourages corporate dialogue at different levels and in different areas to enable sharing and exchanging of information between the company and its employees or employees’ representatives, with a view to promote and strengthen mutual trust and a peaceful working environment. 

Code of conduct


Code of conduct