GfK's sustainable practices

We believe that the planet is at a crisis point environmentally. That's why we are determined to be a sustainable brand.
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What we do as a company

As a global player, we have both a responsibility and an opportunity to act as a steward of the environment. We aim to follow and promote good sustainability practices, reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities, and encourage our people and partners to do the same. Our company doesn’t see a trade-off between commercial success and environmentally responsible behavior. Rather, we see the two as being inextricably linked.

At GfK, we are committed to establishing and maintaining systems to protect our company from negative impacts and to ensure we have a positive impact to our planet.

Real improvements based on real data

We know that we can only make the world a better place if we set ourselves ambitious goals. That is why we have increased the focus on our sustainability agenda and targets by calculating our carbon footprint annually to track our progress and take targeted action more quickly. We are rising to the challenges, we will improve through experience and will continuously seek feedback to move in the right direction.
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Our goals

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    We can no longer ask whether we can afford to be environmentally conscious. The truth is we can’t afford not to be. Working to mitigate the effects of climate change and using natural resources wisely are essential to the health of our business, our society, and our planet.
    Jochen Franz
    Head of Strategic Projects and Sustainability Director for Procurement & Real Estate

Our actions


Rethinking our global office

Even before the global pandemic hit, we were already writing our flexible work policy to reduce the number of staff required to commute to the office daily.
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Conserving energy

Our headquarter, 'Orange Campus', is fully powered by renewable energy. And, we implemented additional measures to conserve energy in our operations around the globe.
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Reducing our waste

We are committed to reducing the waste we produce. That includes our IT equipment. In 2021, 996 assets were refurbished for reuse, and 3,877 assets were recycled for material recovery.
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Sustainability in our industry

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Our team: The shapers of tomorrow

We are on a mission to drive sustainable growth for our people, our clients and the world around us. During our 80+ years, our progress as a company has relied on extraordinary people who grow with us and pioneer disruptive methods.
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