Embracing diversity and inclusion

We are proud to be an inclusive workplace for all. GfK is committed to equal opportunity in employment, focusing on all of our employees reaching their full potential.
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Our commitment to a better workplace

With around 8,000 employees spread across six continents, our GfK global community unites a wide variety of people pursuing Growth from Knowledge.

As a global company, we are responsible for fostering a working culture of trust and respect across the entire GfK network, where no form of discrimination or harassment is tolerated. All parties within the company are committed to continuing to support the development of a fair-minded work environment.

We continue to work hard to create and encourage a diverse and inclusive working environment. One that respects and values every employee regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, personality, experience, culture, faith, socio-economic status, or physical or mental disabilities.

We celebrate diversity and inclusion.

GfK is home to colleagues from around the world, speaking multiple languages and bringing unique perspectives to the table. We believe that our diversity is a strength and it creates a positive and supportive environment for everyone. We are proud to make a positive impact on people's lives. And, we are proud of our company culture, empowering all of us to make decisions that can positively impact the world. Join us and become a shaper of tomorrow!

Growth from Knowledge

is powered by diversity, equity & inclusion

The world is changing quickly – and so are people. Business growth relies on knowledge of changing consumer values and markets. To truly understand people require a workforce that reflects all humanity. We celebrate differences and strive for equity and inclusion to ensure personal growth of our people across the GfK global family.

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    We strive for an inclusive culture where diversity of backgrounds, thoughts, and opinions are valued, encouraged, and promoted so that our associates can be themselves and feel empowered to contribute to company success.”
    Luciana Morelli
    Chief Diversity, Talent, and Culture Officer
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Global DE&I summits

To create real change in the workplace, we know how important it is to listen to each other and learn together. That’s why we host global summits about various DEI topics for our employees. This often features external topic experts sharing new information, followed by panel discussions with our colleagues. The dialogue encourages reflection on how we all can contribute to a more inclusive workplace at GfK.

Local inclusion initiatives

Our regional councils made up of volunteers from all over the world drive our local DEI initiatives covering a wide range of topics. They ensure the right topics are addressed where they matter most. All employees have the opportunity to get involved in these volunteer groups and move forward with the DEI topics that are important to them and their colleagues.
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Celebration of international awareness days

Along with our employee-driven initiatives, we celebrate many special international awareness days and months at GfK. We come together globally to address topics like #BreaktheBias and Pride Month every year to unite for several global causes. By focusing on raising awareness and coming together in solidarity, these activities drive our feeling of belonging at GfK.
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Employee resource groups

Our nine employee resource groups are active in 83 countries where we operate, and over 2,500 of our associates are members. Additionally, over 600 leaders are involved in Inclusion Impact Teams that help shape our D&I strategy in each of the markets where we operate.

Our principles

The worldwide operating GfK Group endorses the core principles and rights set forth in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the Social Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. These are the universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality, and solidarity.

Our team: The shapers of tomorrow

We are on a mission to drive sustainable growth for our people, our clients and the world around us. During our 80+ years, our progress as a company has relied on extraordinary people who grow with us and pioneer disruptive methods.
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