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Predict the future so you can win it with gfknewron

As brands chart their own course to recovery, gfknewron now delivers AI-powered market, brand and consumer intelligence that put you in front of the rest. Predictive recommendations will help you to emerge from the crisis stronger.

gfknewron connects all your relevant sales and consumer data across your global product portfolio into an easy to use, customized, intelligent solution that enables you to react, plan, predict, pivot, and win. With gfknewron, what happens next is in your hands.



Demand changes. Supply reacts with AI foresight.

Turbo-charge your supply and demand decisions with AI-powered forecasting that shows what tomorrow brings.

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To move faster than today’s volatile global markets, you need an objective and always-on forecast on which to make decisions about critical stock order and allocation. Our AI-powered Forecasting is designed to help sales and key account managers maximize near-term sales and minimize over/under stock situations.

  • Act on facts: Based on actual sales data from the world’s largest point of sales network in the technology and durable goods industry.

  • Get the full picture: Local market influences, seasonality, market demands, and macro-economics are all considered for ultimate forecasting accuracy.

  • Improve accuracy: Technology that gets smarter with “learning-loops” for constant improvements.

People pay a premium. Strategies respond intelligently.

Maximize revenue by knowing exactly how much people are willing to pay for
your brand.


To plan your pricing strategy, you need to understand what people will pay for your products. gfknewron’s Revenue Premium calculates what customers are willing to pay for your product over your competitors so that you can manage your pricing strategy for maximum revenue.

  • Rooted in reality: Based on how consumers view a particular brand, feature differentiation, the promotion run, terms of your warranty, and more.

  • Fused with insights: Insights based on millions of transactions combined with survey data for a 360 degree understanding.

  • Built to drive revenue: Make sure sales and promotions align with consumer perception to drive results.

Plan promotions with precision.

Know what to promote, where, how, and when. Simulate promotions before they happen to optimize future plans.


To maximize your sales volume, you need to place the right products in the right promotional spots. gfknewron’s interactive Price and Promotion Simulator displays the impact of different discount scenarios on sales volumes and brand revenue – as well as the impact on competitor models – to identify the optimal discount price for a promotion.

  • Put choice into context: Simulations are based on real-world shopping experiences for accurate planning.

  • Uncover channel and market granularity: Know which products are selling where to get the right promotions in the right places.

  • Gain competitive foresight: See how competitors track, predict and counteract their next moves to win your market.

Consumer perception changes. Brand and marketing pivot.

Drive ROI and improve conversions with the right messaging, touchpoints, channels, and targeting.

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Consumer expectations are changing. Know what they think about your brand, how that compares to competitors, and where opportunities exist to differentiate. gfknewron’s Purchase Funnel and Consumer Perceptions helps you drive higher conversion of shoppers – identifying purchase drivers and the most impactful marketing touchpoints across the category.

  • Drive action: See where you stand today and what moves to take get you to where you want to be tomorrow.

  • Justify spend: Marketing and branding tie back to real value and sales impact so you can quantify results.

  • Plan smarter: Helpful with both long-term strategic planning, as well as short-term campaign goals.

Want to stay in the know?

Learn more about how gfknewron with its predictive power of AI can drive your business growth.

The winners of tomorrow know what happens next.

Strategize. Simulate. Succeed. gfknewron has the data, the insights, and the speed so you can predict the future to win it.

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Get the full picture of your business and its target customers

With a combination of GfK’s robust point of sale data, proprietary panel insights, consumer trends, and more, gfknewron provides a holistic view of your performance, your consumers, and how to best move forward to maximize your growth and increase your margins.

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Speak the same language across your entire organization

One platform, one single source of truth. gfknewron unifies relationships, processes, data and insights across your business with a single intelligence source that enables you to take action knowing the full picture.

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React first with intelligence at your fingertips

Through streamlined data, unified technology and applied expertise, we cut days and weeks out of the process, from data to insight and decision. So now you can react at lightspeed from anywhere - on any connected device.

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Have a high-level overview for when you want the bigger picture

No need to shuffle through various reports from various departments. Built with the C-suite in mind, our global summary gives you the topline overview of your business’s performance in one simple glance, allowing you to quickly spot opportunities, mitigate threats, and plan effectively.

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...Or see granular details when you need to take a closer look

Looking to dig a little deeper? Dive into all the details with a few simple clicks. gfknewron helps leaders across your organization - marketing, sales, pricing, distribution, brand, channel management, and more - to see what’s working, what’’s not, and where to plot their next moves.

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Use predictive intelligence to supercharge your growth

Predictive analytics allows you to stay one step ahead of the competition. gfknewron’s always on insights and machine-based automatic recommendations help you predict what’s next so that you can confidently make evidence-based decisions that drive your business growth.

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