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Cut-through. Act fast. Win more with gfknewron

Strategize, simulate, succeed. gfknewron has the data, the insights and the tools to empower you to predict.

Rooted in data, powered by AI and validated by experts, it delivers predictive analytics at the right moment in time for you. Elevate your business performance with recommendations and forecasts customized specifically for you. Conquer the challenges, tackle the competition, and make winning decisions - fast.



Empower your sales and marketing teams for profitable growth

Right products. Right channel. Right price.

  • Omni-intelligence
    Deep market, competitor, channel and product insights
  • Forecast with accuracy
    Opportunity recommendations and simulators
  • Connect your business
    Insights and guidance on any device at any time


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Grow your market share

Own opportunities. Activate trends. Optimize omnichannel.

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  • Focus on the right opportunities
    Track sales performance against the competition. Capitalize on emerging opportunities and threats
  • Exploit market trends
    Understand market dynamics. Adapt fast in a changing retail landscape
  • Expand with omnichannel
    Optimize your sales channel strategy. Simulate the impact of changes


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Maximize your margins

Promotions, products, discounts, channels: Get them right every time.

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  • Powerful promotions
    Improve price promotion effectiveness. Identify valuable patterns across markets
  • Simulate price reductions
    Plan and forecast the impact of future price promotions by volume and value
  • Know your competition
    Understand their performance by price, promotions and placement


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Keep in the know

Be among the first to hear about the latest new features and updates, insights and intelligence from gfknewron.

Transform your decision-making to supercharge your growth

With evidence-based insights and recommendations

Integrated insights

Fuse the data. We combine GfK’s proprietary market data, consumer trends intelligence and more for deeper insights. By delivering only the information relevant to your business, gfknewron transforms your decision-making processes to supercharge your growth.

Intelligent interface to optimize your experience

Getting smarter with your every move. gfknewron optimizes your user journey so that you get to the right actionable insights and recommendations that you need.

Adapt faster with always on analysis

Recommendations that enable you to react in real-time. Always on analysis of the data enables faster adaption to your market and customers, so you can realize your opportunities faster.

Cross-functional collaboration

Speak the same language across your organisation. Unifying relationships, processes, data and insights across your business with a single intelligence source that enables you to take action knowing the full picture.

Turn weeks into minutes.

Through streamlined data, unified technology and applied expertise, we cut days and weeks out of the process, from data to insight and decision. So now you can react at lightspeed from anywhere - on any connected device.

The power of prediction

Predictive analytics allows you to be in the know before the competition. With gfknewron’s always on insights and recommendations, you have everything you need to make evidence-based decisions that drive your business growth.

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Transform business decision-making for good.

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