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In today’s roller-coaster economy, consumer spending plans change by the day – and knowing who is really in the market to buy a car requires more than last month’s page-view data.

GfK targeted auto audiences are built to help meet your campaign goals by reaching today's auto intenders - consumers currently in the market to buy a vehicle. Targeted audiences are based on real auto intender segments using online and location data that is refreshed daily.

Reaching the right audience with pin point accuracy is crucial to your campaign's success. We're here to make the connection.



of marketers fail to use behavioral data to target customers online.

Source: Adweek

Custom auto audiences built through the power of partnerships

Targeted Auto Audiences | GfK
Auto intender insights from GfK AutoMobility™

GfK AutoMobility™ is the gold standard for auto insights in the U.S. market. Its annual study is based on more than 240,000 in-depth interviews each year of auto intenders -- consumers in the market to purchase a vehicle.

Targeted Auto Audiences | GfK
Custom auto audiences built by Dstillery

Dstillery, the leading custom audience solution provider, empowers brands and their agencies to maximize the value of customer data and transform the way they connect with their audiences.

Targeted Auto Audiences | GfK
150+ top-quality, dynamic auto audiences

By combining GfK AutoMobility™ insights with Dstillery's custom audience solutions, marketers can target highly engaged auto intenders from 150+ audiences that are refreshed daily - proven to drive extraordinary lift to your campaigns.

Targeted Audience Samples
  • Sample of GfK Targeted Auto Audiences

    Couple driving 2020
    • New Car Intenders by Segment (SUV, Sedan, Pickup, Luxury, Minivan, Sports Car and more)
    • Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Intenders 
    • Used Car Intenders by Segment
    • Auto Intenders by Brand (New, Used, Loyal & Defecting)
    • Auto Intenders by Specific Brand/Model
    • Current Vehicle Owners


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Targeted Auto Audiences | GfK