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The world is changing fast. You need to react faster. Volatility, uncertainty, and constant, unrelenting change require you to stay on top of market developments in a way you’ve never had to before. Monthly updates aren’t enough. You need ongoing, trusted weekly intelligence to adjust, to pivot, and to win your market.

Our State of Consumer Technology and Durables Sales Tracker provides weekly data along with expert analysis highlighting where your market is headed for you to react in time to current developments.

At a glance, you’ll see which Consumer Technology and Durables categories have risen or fallen over the latest shopping week – covering UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Japan, Brazil and China.

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“Fact of the month”:

With each edition we deliver additional intelligence on market trends – pricing, consumer behavior, shopping trends.

Each edition includes a new “fact of the week” providing intelligence on trending topics like pricing, consumer behavior or emerging shopping dynamics plus deep dives into each country.

Stay ahead with the latest data

With near real-time facts and insights from our unparalleled point of sales market intelligence, the report is designed specifically to help you get a great overview of market dynamics week by week – conveniently to your inbox.

Each country spotlight includes:

  • Local expert analysis on emerging trends and developments put into perspective
  • Average weekly turnover in Euros versus previous year for the most important product categories
  • Retail sales value online and offline
  • Key take-aways into what is selling and where
  • Insight into where demand has fallen, and why

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