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Unlock robust market, consumer, and brand insights for futureproof retail

gfknewron for Retail extracts the signals from the noise, so tomorrow’s leaders in retail stay ahead of the curve. It’s the unparalleled, always-on platform that radically transforms decision-making and enables teams to gain actionable and connected insights, collaborate effectively, and take the right actions to enjoy sustainable growth.

gfknewron for Retail is a single access point that combines market and consumer intelligence, supercharged to foreground the what, where, who and why.

Combine market and consumer intelligence for deeper strategic insights to win the retail market and enjoy sustainable growth


annual growth experienced by data-driven organizations
(Source: Accenture)


increase in sales with informed decision-making
(Source: McKinsey)


annual projected revenue for data-centric organizations by end of 2021 (Source: Forrester)

Take control of your future with accurate retail intelligence

Leverage actionable insights to seize what’s coming

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  • Get data from an always-on, single source of truth
    Save time and get connected insights at your fingertips on one convenient platform.

  • Spot key opportunities in market disruption
    Drive growth with data that supports objective decision-making processes at all levels of your organization.

  • Make swift, democratic decisions and take informed action
    Visualize data in real-time and empower teams to work democratically and solve critical problems.

  • React faster to unexpected change
    Make strategic, data-driven responses to unexpected change with weekly panels that deliver a deeper understanding of the market, through data.

Turbo-charge your product and brand strategy

Maximize consumer engagement with deeper retail insights into market and buying behaviors

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  • Understand the relative importance of channels and brands
    Know which products, geographical regions and marketing channels to prioritize based on what’s performing best.

  • Diversify revenue streams based on insights you can trust
    Get precise intelligence, filtered at sector, product or segment level, and target the right markets for growth and sustainability.

  • Anticipate the next big trends
    Take the guesswork out of delivering irresistible products and communications to consumers with connected market and consumer insights.

Monitor and benchmark your performance

Benchmark performance against the market

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  • Set internal KPIs that move your business forward
    Find and analyze relevant information that’s all available on a single platform to set meaningful KPIs easily

  • Get clear insights into brand and product performance
    React faster to changes across multiple datasets with strategic, data-driven responses.

  • Negotiate more effectively with your brands
    Get the right items on shelves, and run promotions on the right products at the ideal times, as you hold data-driven negotiations with brands.

gfknewron is trusted by leading FMCG and T&D brands

  • 768px-Euronics-logo
    The markets for Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances are constantly changing. New technical innovations permanently bring new challenges to medium and long-term planning. In areas where the Electrical Retailers are confronted with numerous changes in consumer behaviour, EURONICS Head Office helps its members to be able to act in a market and target-group oriented manner at all times.The GfK Retail Panel data & the recommendations based on them not only ensure more transparency, they also form one of the most important foundations for us in long-term, strategic planning. Regardless of whether it is a question of decisions in the area of product range, purchasing or marketing or also the qualification measures for our member companies: the GfK Partner Programme always helps us at Euronics to make the right decisions faster and more efficiently.
    Benedict Kober,
    CEO Euronics Germany - Euronics Deutschland eG
  • Amazon-Logo-2
    In today’s fast-changing world, each decision must be supported by facts & evidence. GfK is a reliable partner to help us face this journey.
    Director of Italy and Spain Consumables
  • gfknewron is a huge product evolution – our commercial teams will really benefit from direct access to easy to manage data, being able to self-serve their needs with new and different types of analyses thanks to its flexibility.
    Thiago Rímoli
    Market Intelligence Coordinator, Magazine Luiza
  • kvik-logo
    We rely on GfK to provide us with objective data that represents all the markets we operate in. Armed with accurate and up-to-date market share data, we can evaluate our performance against the wider market, and drill down into specific categories, and as well as compare ourselves to the competition using one reliable, independent source.During quarterly conference calls with GfK’s experts, we are able to discuss past and emerging sales trends and understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. This customized intelligence feeds into planning our sales activity so is central to what we do. I believe the combination of data and expertise to interpret it has been an important factor in supporting Kvik’s growth
    Henrik Gade Andersen,
    Purchase Manager Kvik Lead Buyer Ballingslöv International
  • 768px-Euronics-logo
    In a world that is rapidly changing, we cannot rely any longer only on sensations and visions. Each decision should be based and supported by concreteness, and only facts, numbers can give us evidence. GfK is undoubtedly the most reliable partner to help us face this journey. We are widening our analysis spectrum and at the same time sharpening more and more our analysis tools and all these aspects allow us to increase our relevance.
    Stefano Polla,
    Commercial Director, Italy

gfknewron for Retail is part of the gfknewron platform

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