GfK Geo+ Branch Networks

GfK Geo+ Branch Networks

Location decisions require a solid strategy that’s responsive to changing market realities. Each individual site must be successful on its own and reinforce the effectiveness of your retail network as a whole.

  • What makes your existing sites successful, and where can you find other suitable locations for new sites?
  • Which stores should you close, maintain or acquire in order to maximize your network efficiency and optimize sales results and brand presence?  
  • How can you avoid laborious location checks and quickly filter the best sites with optimal rent-to-turnover ratios in regions with high potential?

What we do

Our retail network consultancy answers these questions, allowing you to pinpoint the best locations and bring your network into harmonious alignment. We do this by identifying your unique internal and external success factors, and showing you where those conditions are replicated in your markets. We calculate a custom index for your regional turnover potential that illuminates both promising sites for expansion and low-performing areas where closures can be considered. We also analyze any gaps or overlaps in your store catchment areas and show you the impact of competitors and retail synergies. Together these insights give you a blueprint for optimizing and future-proofing your retail network.

How you benefit

Once you know what makes your sites successful, you can select new sites with similar conditions, or close existing sites that don’t meet these criteria. Our analyses also deliver deep insights on the demand in your catchment areas, competitors, agglomeration effects and the available turnover potential. This gives you a strategic roadmap for choosing the best locations, both domestically and internationally. Whether you’re expanding or consolidating, we tell you the optimal number of stores and store types per target region. Our unified and customized approach to location evaluation delivers fast and comprehensive results. This gives you an objective and sound foundation for quickly filtering the best locations and safeguarding your investments.

Why choose us?

Our integrated location intelligence lets you maximize your return on investment in your retail network. We offer:

  • Precise location insights for both local and international markets: The unique regional and thematic scope of our location and target group insights lets us match your success factors with the available potential on the ground.
  • Geostatistical, retail and on-site expertise: We validate our data with qualitative, on-site evaluations, and our insights are backed by our retail and geostatistical expertise and many years of experience.
  • Integrated insights from one source: We combine all our insights to help you pinpoint ideal retail conditions through our region-sensitive benchmark on potential and location network model.

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