GfK Consumer Landscaping

Mapping the evolving markets for your brands and products

Identifying opportunities for brand and business growth

Mapping the evolving markets for your brands and products

Consumers and markets continually evolve. Brands and businesses must keep up with the staggering speed of this change if they want to win and maintain their market share. This means understanding your portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses and matching them to customer wants and needs, so you can perfect your market positioning today, and maximize opportunities for expansion tomorrow.

GfK’s Consumer Landscaping provides a highly accurate view of market dynamics, size, share and landscape, so you can evaluate your brand’s performance compared to your competitors or evaluate the viability of moving into a new market. By understanding what consumers see as your strengths versus the competition, you’ll be able to refine the way you communicate your portfolio’s benefits to succeed in reaching your audience. The analysis highlights unmet consumer needs, and sizes those opportunities, so you can decide if the potential for innovation offers a strong ROI for business investment.

GfK’s Consumer Landscaping identifies opportunities for business growth by helping you to:

  • Understand how consumers navigate your category, the strengths and weaknesses of your product portfolio, and how it should be optimized
  • Explore white space and brand stretch opportunities to guide your investment decisions
  • Examine adjacent categories and external trends to stay ahead of the curve on category disruptions.

By evaluating the impact of your strategy, you can understand if your brand is moving into your intended space in the market:

  • For our research on EU climate policy we require tailor made questionnaires, with a high degree of sophistication and customization to integrate scientific experiments. For a large-scale survey in 24 member states to be administered on tight timelines we relied on GfK. Implementation in particular of the experiments and administration of the survey went very well. We expect that the results will have high policy relevance and impact, and hopefully prompt more such surveys in the future.
    Dr. Michael Pahle
    Head of working group "Climate & Energy Policies", PIK e.V.