New York, 09.08.2023

Meta & GfK Partner to Provide Brand Lift Campaign Measurement Solutions

Campaign Amplifier gives marketers a richer understanding of advertising effectiveness on Meta social media platforms.

At a time when marketers are feeling increasing pressure to measure the ROI of their marketing efforts, GfK is now a global Brand Lift partner on META Platforms, Inc. (Nasdaq: META) which enables GfK to capture and report the lift from brand advertising on Facebook and Instagram. The new solution, Campaign Amplifier, allows marketers to measure how their campaigns on Meta platforms affect the attitudes and perceptions of their brands, and how these compare to TV and other digital channels.

GfK’s proprietary analytics model, using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, is applied to the brand lift survey to calculate the impact of campaign exposure on brand KPIs. The model calculates uplift on brand metrics for each channel, enabling marketers to better assess how advertising on Meta platforms contributes to the overall campaign performance both in terms of Reach within the target group and impact on the brand.

GfK’s Campaign Amplifier is the perfect solution for marketers seeking to evaluate the effectiveness of their brand advertising and to generate learnings for future media planning and creative executions

“In today’s privacy-focused ad-ecosystem, accurate measurement must increasingly rely on partnerships between media platforms and research companies. We’ve had great success demonstrating the value of advertising on Meta platforms with our Marketing Mix Modelling, Reach, and Sales Lift solutions, and we’re excited to expand that partnership to include Brand Lift, which is another critical tool for marketeers”, says Michael Mandato, GfK VP, Global Account Director.

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