Sydney, 29.04.2022

GfK Radio Audience Measurement: Resources

The GfK Radio Ratings is the official radio audience measurement service for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and the regional markets of Newcastle, Canberra and Gold Coast; providing subscribers with an understanding of who listens, as well as when and where they listen.

GfK Radio Ratings provide an estimate of radio listening drawn from a sample of more than 60,000 people aged 10+, each year, across the five metropolitan markets and three major regional markets.

For additional support, please contact GfK Client Service Helpdesk on 1800 097 713 or send an email to radioratings@gfk.com

If you have a radio diary and need assistance, please contact 1800 725 490.

To find out more information on the GfK Radio Ratings, please use the links below:

Prize Draw: Current Winners and T&Cs

2022 Metropolitan Prize Draws Terms and Conditions

2022 Regional Prize Draws Terms and Conditions

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