NewYork 01.10.2018

At CRC 2018, GfK shares in-depth profiles of Leading-Edge Consumers, cannabis users


In two key sessions, experts tap just-released studies

Digital targeting is raising the value of in-depth, actionable profiles of key consumer groups. In sessions at this year’s Corporate Researcher’s Conference (CRC), GfK experts drew on new studies to provide remarkably detailed looks at both Leading-Edge Consumers (LECs) and US national cannabis users.

Held October 8 to 10 in Orlando, the CRC centered this year on the theme “Unlock Insights; Unleash Impact; Be Unstoppable.”

On October 9 at 3:40PM, Kathy Sheehan (EVP, GfK Consumer Life) and Joe Beier (EVP, GfK Consumer Insights) co-presented “Leading Edge Consumers and the Crystal Ball,” which showed how certain consumers signal “things to come” in the marketplace.

Drawing on recent GfK Consumer Life and FutureBuy® data, Sheehan and Beier revealed the key attitudes and behaviors of this important consumer segment. They also showed what LECs can teach retailers and manufacturers about preparing for the marketplace of the future.

On October 10 at 1:30PM, Karen Ramspacher (SVP, Innovation & Insights, MRI) and Natasha Stevens (EVP, Strategy) presented “High Times for the Cannabis Consumer: A Segmentation That Won’t Bogart Your Budget.” They unveiled results from MRI’s new National Cannabis Study, segmenting cannabis consumers on both attitudes and market behaviors.

By profiling these increasingly mainstream consumers through MRI’s gold standard Survey of the American Consumer® database, marketers can understand their media usage, psychographics, leisure activities, and consumption of virtually every category of product and service. MRI can also help clients make their segmentation funds go further.

The full CRC conference agenda can be found at this link