Characterized by disruption, fragmentation and uncertainty, the market for consumer goods has never been more challenging. To succeed, you need to make sense of not just what shoppers do, but why they act that way.

Our extensive FMCG research is rooted in GfK’s Consumer Panel with data from our tracking tools, POS panels and advanced analytics to provide a sophisticated profile of your customer. Our suite of solutions and experts will help you influence purchasing decisions during any and all phases of the product lifecycle and link the ‘why’ with ‘what’ was bought and ‘how’ it was purchased.

GfK’s FMCG solution suite addresses your key business questions:

  • How much do consumers spend in my category?
  • What else are my customers buying?
  • Who buys my brand today and who might buy it tomorrow?
  • Why do consumers buy my brand?
  • Are my promotions effective?
  • How should I use innovation to maximize emerging trends?
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