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Breville, Crockpot, iRobot, Lexar, Nikon, Polaroid
  • Innovation has always been a key element of our company culture. It’s been many years since we adopted a data-driven approach to planning and decision-making processes, but we realized our systems were no longer adequate to meet our needs. For instance, when it came to interpreting results, reacting quickly, and predicting market and business trends. With gfknewron Predict and Consumer, we finally have a platform that integrates several innovative tools, creates a shared and synergistic environment between marketing and sales and allows us to better identify priorities to make faster and more informed decisions."
    Gianluca Barresi
    General Manager Sales & Marketing, Nital Italy

Finding a solid foundation for decision-making in a challenging time

Italian retailer Nital is the exclusive distributor of iRobot vacuum cleaners in Italy. Innovation is central to the company, and they have always embraced a data-driven approach in their planning and decision-making. However, the team had reached a hiatus where they felt they needed to delve deeper and go further to drive the business.

They trialed gfknewron Predict in January 2021. In just one month they were able to see the power of the tool and appreciate its ability to provide insight and answers – fast.

During the first month, the GfK team presented case studies and analyses from the platform including a promotional plan and a consumer funnel. Having extended the subscription period to four months, Nital was completely convinced of the value of gfknewron Consumer and Predict to its business, and is on a longer-term subscription to both solutions.

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Introducing gfknewron:
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