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  • The implementation of GfK Distribution data provides us with a valuable perspective on a broad number of tech categories and customer types as well as in-depth insights from a channel perspective. The Supply Chain Explorer tool demonstrates our market shares in a very convenient way, enabling us to react quickly to changing market trends."
    Adolf Markones
    Executive Managing Director - Ingram Micro GmbH Austria

A 360-degree perspective to stay one step ahead

Ingram Micro’s supply chain network boasts impressive statistics: a top 10 global shipper of technology and IT with $50bn revenue, 200,000 customers, 170,000 vendors and sales in over 160 countries. Having access to the latest global intelligence on sales and distribution, product and client types and channel trends is essential to an operation of this scale.

At Ingram Micro in Austria for example, every department uses GfK’s data to inform decisions – both tactical and strategic. From sales directors to key account managers, product management and marketing through to the CEO, GfK’s Market Intelligence covering point of sale and distribution provides the company with an invaluable up-to-date overview of the entire supply chain.

  • Thanks to the combination of distribution and POS data, we can focus our efforts on areas of importance in an efficient and fact-based manner, which has become essential for our business."
    Adolf Markones
    Executive Managing Director - Ingram Micro GmbH Austria

Focus energy where it will have the most impact

With access to GfK’s extensive retailer and distribution insight, the Ingram Micro teams know what products and brands are selling, on which channels and for what price – all from one single trusted source. This allows them to concentrate their time and resources on perfecting the company’s portfolio to maintain its market leadership position.

Customized data and expert insight to optimize the supply chain

Ingram Micro has built its reputation on delivering the optimum service to its technology and IT partners, players of all sizes – from start-ups to global brands. Having access to the latest intelligence ensures teams can quickly understand, react to – and even anticipate – changing market, customer, and channel trends.

In an environment where sales are moving online, and cross-border deals are increasingly important, being able to align channels at a global level is essential for Ingram Micro to keep up with changing dynamics in its markets. GfK’s detailed reporting on over 20 client types enables a deep and granular understanding of individual B2B and B2C sales channel preferences. With comparable insight on such a complex market, the teams have the necessary intelligence to continue to meet the needs of their individual customers.

A true partnership

Ingram Micro has worked with GfK for many years, with the two companies co-operating closely. GfK provides a variety of customized services, from data sets, to expert commentary, to flat data files – all tailored to the needs of Ingram Micro’s different teams. This close collaboration on a multi-national level has developed into a true partnership.

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