NewYork, 07.07.2017

GfK to share new research on banking, artificial intelligence at In|Vest conference

Presentation will also focus on optimizing user experiences of AI in financial services

As banks and other financial firms ramp up their investments in artificial intelligence (AI), it can be easy to lose track of the most important component – user satisfaction. In a presentation tomorrow, GfK will share results from a new study on consumers’ views of banking “chatbots” and other AI applications.

The session will take place at the third annual Innovations in Investing, Saving & Advice (In|Vest) conference, taking place in New York City. The event brings together technology and strategy executives from across the wealth management community, exploring changes in the market and offering a digital vision of the future.

At 2:15PM, GfK’s Keith Bossey (SVP, Financial Services) and Mike Murphy
(Senior Design Director, User Experience) will offer “Making AI Work for Financial Services,” delivering insights financial services firms need to take their AI efforts to the next level. Drawing on the recent GfK study, they will answer such questions as

  •        When do consumers feel they need human help with a financial issue?
  •        When do people see chatbots as a convenient alternative?
  •        How can FS firms create AI approaches that work for consumers?
  •        How can FS firms satisfy their key customers?

GfK will also offer examples of successful AI and digital tools that were built to meet consumer needs.

“Digital and AI are game changers for FS because they enable personalization that humans cannot provide on a cost-effective basis,” said Bossey. “Our data show massive gaps between the benefits consumers want from banks and what they actually get; in many cases, it is only the perceived difficulty of switching banks that is keeping customers in place. The firms that will succeed with AI will find ways to deliver the benefits of human interaction in digital form – a challenge that demands really deep understanding of consumers’ experiences and attitudes.”

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