Webinar: A fresh look at today's changing consumer


GfK Consumer Life will share new insights on evolving values, behaviors

In today’s world, consumers are changing more quickly than ever. Social media, e-commerce, and other powerful forces are reshaping people’s attitudes and actions. How can you stay ahead of change and be ready for the opportunities of tomorrow?

In an all-new webinar, the trend experts at GfK Consumer Life will preview their just-released 2018 insights into people’s changing needs, beliefs, and behaviors. We’ll show how you can create and sustain healthy brands through:

  • key findings from consumers in 21 countries – including our new Mood of the World consumer confidence research
  • how major brands in diverse categories are leveraging trends to fuel growth
  • the macro trends most critical for keeping brands “tomorrow-proof”

Join us for this invaluable learning session, and see how a clearer picture of today’s – and tomorrow’s – consumer can help you make smarter marketing decisions.

The webinar will take place on September 6 at 10AM and again at 1PM (Eastern US time). Click here to register for the 10AM webinar, or click here to register for 1PM. 

Webinar moderator: Kathy Sheehan (EVP, Consumer Life) is a trend authority who consults with some of the world’s top brands and has spoken at CES and dozens of other conferences.