MexicoCity 11.01.2018

TV Azteca launches GfK Appreciation Panel integrated with digital behavior data




Mexico City, January 11 2018 – After a successful pilot, TV Azteca has signed a contract with GfK Mexico for a content appreciation panel. This is the first GfK Appreciation Panel in LATAM and the first Appreciation Panel to be integrated with digital behavioral data.

GfK’s nationally representative panel of both online and offline respondents will provide daily feedback on programs that they watched the previous day, effectively generating daily consumer viewing experiences.

These evaluations allow TV Azteca to understand viewers’ engagement with programs across 10 of Mexico’s national TV channels on the program level, in order to improve quality and attract new audiences. Additionally, weekly questionnaires allow TV Azteca to gain further understanding of specific TV audience motivations, needs and reasons behind their measured viewing behavior. 

Concurrently, GfK will measure digital behavioral data for a subset of the Appreciation panel, providing a detailed report of visited URLs, searches and application (app) usage.  This meter-based data enhancement will incorporate consumer behavior on fixed and mobile devices with the appreciation information. These data points will be further complemented with in-depth profiling data on the panelists’ purchase and consumption habits across 16 product categories.

This hybrid, single source data collection initiative is the first of its kind in the market and will allow TV Azteca to develop a complete overview of Mexican TV viewers.

Andres Polo, Director of Audience Lab, TV Azteca states: “Based on the insights generated through this project, TV Azteca is starting to change the industry expectations for the future of TV Advertising. The single source consumer database co-created between TV Azteca and GfK is transforming and improving the marketing capabilities of media agencies and advertisers. A more in-depth audience segmentation will allow better identification of the audience that advertisers are delivering messages to, and even equal the analytical capabilities and effectiveness measurements of digital channels. This project is already changing the rules of the game for media in Mexico. It is shifting the expectations of TV Planning through the use data driven decisions with new principles of audience insight.”

Verónica Isunza, Media and Digital Director, GfK Mexico comments: “We are very proud to deliver this unique service to TV Azteca, combining our global expertise in Media Content Appreciation with an innovative local approach. This is a very strong start for GfK’s Appreciation Panels in LATAM.”


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