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What does it take to succeed in today’s TCG sector?

The International Technical Consumer Goods (TCG) Retail Summit is a leading international retail conference with an exclusive focus on TCG retail. At this year’s “Collaborate to innovate” event, Friedemann Stöckle, GfK’s Vice President of Global POS Support, will be speaking about GfK research into the success factors for future retailing. 

Many retail and product concepts work towards an entire digital future with seamless interactions of consumers and a high-touch shopping experience. Co-creation is the centerpiece of this agile development. What are the results of the innovations in retail and the various product categories, what works well, and where do we see slow-moving patterns for TCG? What does it take to leverage future opportunities effectively, applying the art of collaboration between retail and industry?

Join us at this year´s TCG Summit in Geneva from April 2-4 to hear Friedemann Stöckle speak about this.