Consumer Trends 2020 webinar


Get inside the hearts and minds of your consumers today and tomorrow


Around the world, consumers’ lives are transforming at unprecedented speeds. These shifts present huge challenges for brands – but also pave way for extraordinary opportunities.

Join our upcoming free webinar: Consumer Trends 2020 where our trend expert will share interesting insights from GfK's latest Consumer Life study.  

What are the effects of adverse global events on consumers worldwide?
- Trust and distrust – which groups or institutions get the their votes?
- Are experiences or possessions more important to consumers these days? 
- What are their expectations of brands when it comes to saving the environment?

These questions, and more will be addressed. Stay a step ahead of the marketplace by understanding the forces that motivate consumers so that you can harness them to your advantage!

Consumer Trends 2020 webinar
Thursday, 5 March 2020
4:00 pm SGT / 1:30 pm IST / 12:00 pm UAE

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About the GfK Consumer Life study

GfK Consumer Life is the longest-running and most comprehensive study of changing values and lifestyles around the world. The 25+ countries database and related perspectives provide a rich understanding of key markets and categories – both today and tomorrow.