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Global studies

Every month we publish top-level, multi-country findings on a fresh topic.

Each topic includes an impressive deck of 100+ data charts, giving the global and country-by-country findings for that topic. And all of this is free for you to download and use:

Global Studies - Factors that make up the Good Life

Factors that make up the Good Life

Find out which factors are most popularly seen as being part of ‘the good life’ – and compare results across different countries.

Global Studies - Decision factors on what to eat and drink

Decision factors on what to eat and drink

Low-sugar and GMO-free are top factors in deciding what to eat or drink, coming ahead of low-salt, organic, low fat, or fortified.

Activities for physical health

Spending time with family, friends or pets is as popular as exercise and healthy eating, to maintain “physical health”.

Photo Frequency of gardening or yard work

Frequency of gardening or yard work

Garden centers should target people aged 30-39 and those with children under 12, according to our latest survey

Frequency of entertaining guests at home

Entertaining guests at home

On average, a quarter of people entertain guests in their home either daily or weekly, and a further third entertain monthly.

Break from technology

Break from technology

One in three people find it difficult to take a break from technology, even when they know they should.

Time more important than money

Internationally, three times more people firmly agree in preferring more time to more money, than firmly disagree.

Preferred vacation type

Nearly twice as many people prefer relaxing vacations to active ones.

Frequency of reading books

Which type of people are the most avid book readers?

Car features: which are ‘very important’?

Which features and latest vehicle technology come top as ‘very important’ for a vehicle to have, according to consumers?

Willingness to share personal data

See who is willing to share personal data such as health, financial, driving records, energy use, etc. in exchange for benefits.

Helping others

In the run up to Christmas, it is good to see that habits of generosity are still strong.

Physical concerns around aging

Which physical conditions do people worry most about having, either now or as they age?

Health and fitness monitoring

Health and fitness monitoring

Internationally, one in three people currently monitor or track their health or fitness. Who are they and why do they do it?

Home improvement aspirations

Internationally, women are most likely to want better décor; men better size and layout.

Safety and security

One in three of the online population across 21 countries are ‘always concerned’ about their safety and security

“Always reachable” mindset

42% of internet users firmly agree it is important to be “always reachable” - but 4 countries go against the international trend.

Photo Pet Ownership

Pet ownership

Half of people internationally have a pet living with them. See which countries lead for dogs, cats, birds and fish.

Photo Enjoy life

Enjoy life today, worry about savings and investments later

Do people with a ‘save now’ mindset just outnumber people with an ‘enjoy life today’ mindset, internationally?

Photo Company responsibilities

Most important responsibilities

What are the most important company responsibilities today?

Photo Virtual interactions

Perception of virtual interactions with people and places

Almost a quarter of online consumers say virtual interactions can be as good as being there in person.

Photo Why try to look good

Why try to look good?

What motivates people in different countries to try to look their best? And how long do they spend on personal grooming?

Photo causes of stress

Major causes of stress

What are the major causes of stress in people’s everyday lives – by country, age group and gender?

Photo Health Conditions

Most common health complaints

Which countries suffer the most from certain health complaints?

Photo Retirement

Confidence in affording a good retirement

Which nationalities are most confident they will have enough money to live the life they want, when they retire?

Photo Look and Style Technology

Impact of tech look and style on the purchase decision

How important is the look of tech products for purchase decisions – by country, age and gender?

Photo Cloud Storage

Is cloud storage essential to people?

How essential is the cloud to individuals, for storing their content? We asked internet users in 19 countries.

Photo Leisure Time

Satisfaction with amount of leisure time

Which nation, age group or gender is most satisfied – or dissatisfied – with the amount of leisure time they have?

Photo Looks

Satisfaction with looks

Which nation, age group and gender are most likely to be happy – or unhappy – with how they look?

Photo Environment

Environmental values and ethical shopping

How strongly do consumers agree or disagree that brands have to be environmentally friendly?

Photo Cooking

Cooking: attitudes and time spent

Who spends the most time cooking? And who is most passionate and knowledgeable about food and cooking?

Photo Mobile Behaviour

Mobile behaviour in-store

Significant numbers of shopper regularly compare prices on their phones, while inside a store. What else?