GfK Consumer Segmentation

Target your products and services at the right consumers

Prioritize your resources to maximize impact and ROI

Mastering consumer segmentation is fundamental to all businesses. It informs both strategy and tactics, from innovation and new product development through to sales, marketing, consumer communications channel strategy, pricing and product assortment. Our segmentation process groups consumers by attitudes, behaviors, motivations, wants and needs, allowing you to target them with precision, giving you the best chance of winning customers. It can identify your strengths and weaknesses versus key competitors and increase your opportunities to succeed, and it can highlight groups who may be open to cross- or up-selling and help you reach them.

Optimize your product portfolio with GfK’s Consumer Segmentation

Using a combination of your existing data sources, GfK’s Consumer Life trends research and Point of Sales data*, our marketing sciences experts and segmentation consultants provide a deep understanding of consumers’ motivations and needs. We overlay this with your current and future portfolio so you can target distinct groups for each product/service. We quantify the potential value of each existing segment so you can prioritize your valuable resources by spotting overlaps, redundant products and opportunities for investment. We add a vital future perspective with metrics to pinpoint the high potential segments of tomorrow.

GfK’s Consumer Segmentation provides clear guidance and activation to reach and win your target segments. Our customized workshops, deep dive sessions, pen portraits, golden questions and database tagging can activate your segmentation in your organization. We provide strategic and tactical segmentations so you can:

  • Identify the consumer segments offering the greatest opportunity for future spend/uptake
  • Define the key customer opportunities per segment and outline actions to maximize them
  • Design, build and execute your plan to reach these consumers

GfK’s Consumer Segmentation helps you answer key business questions such as:

Am I currently addressing the right target groups?
What are the most promising groups for me to target?
Is there opportunity in my market or category for innovation?
How can I defend my market share?
Are there opportunities for cross-selling and upselling?
How can I optimize my tactical marketing to increase sales?
Which touchpoints do my target consumers use?
Which do they consider to be the most helpful?
What channels and retailers do my target groups buy from?

GfK’s Consumer Segmentation provides a deep understanding of motivations, needs and attitudes with clear guidance on how to win your target segments.

* where available

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