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Access shoppers’ minds, identify the shopping trends across the globe and plan for the future

Get a clear picture of what makes today's shoppers tick

The future of shopping is here today. Consumers own the shopping and buying process from start to finish, freely mixing digital with bricks-and-mortar to get exactly what they want. 

GfK FutureBuy is the definitive resource for capturing the hearts and minds of these empowered shoppers. With an unmatched category and geographic footprint, and a highly intuitive online dashboard, FutureBuy gives brands and retailers (on- and offline) the insights they need to:

  • Get a comprehensive view of shopper attitudes and behaviors across 18 categories and 27 countries.
  • Choose the right geographies and categories for new products and services.
  • Focus resources against the shopper touchpoints that matter most.
  • Track emerging trends and understand where tomorrow's shoppers are heading.
  • Make smarter decisions about custom shopper studies and data integration. 

The 2019 FutureBuy study tracks online and in-person shopping attitudes and behaviors for over 27,000 shoppers worldwide.  Specific insights areas covered include:

  • Most influential touchpoints in final purchase decisions. 
  • Drivers and barrier for online vs. offline purchasing.
  • Where and how shopper buy- for tech, FMCG and more.
  • Shopping activities rising importance- mobile included.
  • Payment methods used- mobile included.
  • Shopper participation in tech including voice purchase, click & collect and visual search. 
  • Social media deep dive- including drivers and barriers.
  • Predominant activities as "post purchase" begins
  • Importance of Leading-Edge Consumers (LECs) in identifying future shopper behaviors. 

FutureBuy's online portal makes all of these insights quickly available, with intuitive searching and presentation-ready graphics. 

Tap into the insights on today's shopper experience - online and in-store

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