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Access shoppers’ minds, identify the shopping trends across the globe and plan for the future

FutureBuy is a global syndicated study providing insight about how shopping is evolving across FMCG, Tech and Durables and Other categories, in key global markets.

With FutureBuy you can look into the minds of 35,000 shoppers aged 18+ in 35 countries across the globe, to understand how shoppers think, research products, and complete a purchase. 

FutureBuy’s strength lies in its ability to look at online and offline purchases, as well as omni-channel shopping and the ability to identify behavior changes. In particular, you can deep-dive into the behavior of Leading Edge Consumers, GfK’s proprietary profiling of early adopters, who can provide a sneak-peek into “what’s next”.

Gain a comprehensive view of:

  • Where shoppers buy for which category 
  • Perceived drivers and barriers of online and offline shopping
  • Devices used when shopping and paying, focusing on mobile payments
  • Emerging attitudinal trends regarding shopping
  • Behavior and attitudes across different generations

What is GfK FutureBuy?

  • A global insight service mapping shoppers’ behaviour and shopping trends, accessible on a GfK self-serve portal or via custom reports tailored to specific business needs
  • What are the key benefits?
  • Comprehensive overview of the world of shopping behavior and trends
  • Opportunity to look at shoppers’ behaviors within categories other than your own
  • Check the pulse of new trends and special topics - for 2018: shopping via smart speakers
  • Develop informed hypotheses to strengthen other custom studies as well as help internal decision-making around marketing, distribution and product positioning
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