Kitchen retail and manufacture
Nordics, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain

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160 in 8 countries
  • We rely on GfK to provide us with objective data that represents all the markets we operate in. Armed with accurate and up-to-date market share data, we can evaluate our performance against the wider market, and drill down into specific categories, and as well as compare ourselves to the competition using one reliable, independent source. During quarterly conference calls with GfK’s experts, we are able to discuss past and emerging sales trends and understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. This customized intelligence feeds into planning our sales activity so is central to what we do. I believe the combination of data and expertise to interpret it has been an important factor in supporting Kvik’s growth."
    Henrik Gade Andersen
    Purchase Manager Kvik Lead Buyer Ballingslöv International

Objective, independent data and expertise

Known for its stylish Danish kitchens, and with operations in the Nordics, Belgium and the Netherlands, Kvik (owned by Ballingslöv International) is growing rapidly and has its sights set on further market expansion. The company has recently entered Spain and France. This specialist, innovative kitchen manufacturer and designer uses GfK’s Market Intelligence data and the team’s expertise to track, analyze and interpret sales of integrated kitchen appliances in its markets. The management team in each country also uses the ‘Helicopter Report’ to gain an invaluable broader perspective on other countries and categories.

Kvik has access to numerous sources of sales data on the integrated white goods it sells in its kitchen designs. As well as the company’s own sales data, they also have access to their suppliers’ datasets and trends analysis. GfK’s neutrality, and the team’s expert insight has proven to be invaluable in making sense of what is really happening at a market, competitor, category, supplier and company level. Having access to this independent data also allows Kvik to assess their supplier relationships and performance.

  • During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, we increased the frequency of our calls to every two months, which was essential to understand how demand, supply and performance was changing during an unprecedented time. In particular, like everyone else in the sector, we faced new supply- side challenges and GfK’s intelligence was key to helping us navigate these. We also took advantage of the newly launched ‘Helicopter Report’, which GfK designed specifically for senior management to gain a very top line of what is happening across all markets. We found the panoramic perspective in this free quarterly report to be very helpful.
    Henrik Gade Andersen
    Purchase Manager Kvik Lead Buyer Ballingslöv International

Making sense of existing and expansion markets

Kvik’s team analyze the new monthly datasets to see their latest market share and performance intelligence and compare that to the competition. The team can drill down into performance by market, category and appliance type, comparing each to the wider market. There are also quarterly meetings with GfK’s experts to review the figures, discuss market performance and identify emerging trends. This is an important part of the relationship as GfK’s team understand Kvik’s business environment, challenges, and goals so the time is dedicated to understanding what the data means, and what actions should be taken.

Intelligence that supports innovation

In many modern homes, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and is used for more than cooking - dining, socializing, working, and studying. Kvik’s audience of affluent homeowners want their kitchen design to reflect their lifestyles, and often choose higher-end, premium and aspirational appliances as part of that need. Using GfK’s data to understand which kitchen appliances are selling best in which markets, and to identify growing demand for new white goods, helps the company stay ahead of the competition. Kvik has built a reputation for innovation, with a market leading twice-yearly product launch. This has become a building block of the brand’s reputation for delivering excellent customer experience.

A strong partnership

Kvik has worked with GfK for over a decade, and during that time has developed a close and trusted working relationship. Kvik values the objectivity and reliability of GfK’s monthly data sets, and the analysis and expertise shared in the quarterly review meetings. The management team appreciated GfK’s responsiveness during the 2020 COVID-19 crisis with access to additional consultant calls, and access to the newly created ‘Helicopter Report’.

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