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Achieving targets and maximizing sales with GfK’s Market Intelligence

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Facts & Figures

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32 dealerships covering 400 retail outlets in Kazakhstan

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Brands stocked

Acer, Apple, Asus, Canon, DeLonghi, HP, Intel, Kenwood, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft, OPPO, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, SONY, Vivo and Xiaomi


We use GfK’s data daily with our colleagues and product managers. The weekly data helps us to make key business decisions with full confidence and agility. With weekly data we are better informed to adjust forecasts and promotions rapidly and to plan for crucial sales periods. It allows us to act based on what feels like live data, capturing the core of our fluid and fast-moving market. Overall, weekly data gives us increased visibility to plan our MDA, SDA, Smartphones, Mobile Enhance and other Product Group strategies."

Milan Terechshenko

Chief Commercial Director, Alser

How Alser relies on weekly and monthly data to analyze and plan sales activities and perfect promotions

Specializing in computing, is one of the leading retailers of consumer electronics in Kazakhstan, boasting 26 years’ market experience. The company’s product assortment includes PCs, laptops and peripherals, smartphones and tablets, small and large domestic appliances, TV, audio and gaming devices. Claiming a 12% market share in IT and SDA, the retailer brings the leading brands to every town and city in Kazakhstan with a dealer network spanning 81 cities, 126 shops and 700 dealerships.

Mastering tactical business decision making

Alser has relied on GfK’s point of sale data for more than 12 years, employing it across all departments in the business for a variety of tasks, such as: preparing effective yearly strategies, guiding product assortment and pricing decisions, and evaluating the performance of promotional campaigns. The intelligence is particularly critical for competitive analysis and forecasting.


Moreover, by providing data in numerous formats, from online dashboards to custom reports, GfK has helped Alser improve its data analysis by increasing both the quality and quantity of the information feeding into decision making.

The company operates in a fluid, fast-moving and highly competitive market. Kazakhstan’s Consumer Electronics market is increasingly driven by promotions, product launches and seasonal sales activities such as Cascades, Cash Back, Coupons, Women’s Day, Nauriz, Credit Promotions, Back to School, Black Friday, 11.11, Сyber Monday and New Year. At the same time as product life cycles are shortening, consumer behavior is becoming increasingly volatile and unpredictable making campaign planning more challenging than ever. This intensifies the pressure for Alser to operate as efficiently as possible week in, week out.

Overall, weekly data gives us increased visibility to plan our MDA, SDA, Smartphones, Mobile Enhance and other Product Group strategies."

Milan Terechshenko

Chief Commercial Director, Alser

A close collaboration

Alser and GfK work closely to evaluate performance fast, assessing weekly sell-out data by brand and price point amongst other metrics. With regular day-to-day contact, weekly conference calls and scheduled face-to-face meetings, this strong working relationship has matured into a smooth, effective, and efficient partnership for both parties.

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