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  • Working with GfK has been instrumental in helping us build our strategy and tactics for growth in the Indonesian mobile telecommunication sector. We use the intelligence to analyze market size, identify growth potential and hone our strategy and tactics - right down to individual city level and product group. The insight has helped us take our business to the next level and crucially, to achieve our revenue target. GfK has helped Erajaya to expand into new technical consumer goods industries such as lifestyle tech and, proving the business benefit of having access to the latest data. We enjoy a strong collaboration with GfK and work closely as one team with one goal."
    Hasan Aula
    Vice President Director/CEO, Erajaya Group

Identifying and quantifying market opportunities to achieve revenue growth

Erajaya’s core business is an importer, distributor, and retailer of integrated mobile telecommunication devices. The player is one of the biggest retailers of integrated mobile telecommunication devices in Indonesia, and is also widely acknowledged to be one of the most trusted companies in its sector. Its product portfolio includes mobile phones and tablets, accessories and Internet of Things devices. The company also offers value-added services, such as mobile phone protection and handset leasing.

The company’s corporate core values are innovation, strategic leadership, excellent customer service, creative agility, and technical expertise. These values are perfectly aligned to the intelligence and advice GfK provides to Erajaya and this is one of the reasons the two teams work so successfully together.

Helping Erajaya maximize potential in key cities

Numerous teams at Erajaya use the insight from GfK, including the Group Strategic division, Business Development & Strategy, Marketing, Sales, and IT. These diverse professionals use GfK data to understand market dynamics, the brands and products offered by the competitive set, and to identify and quantify new opportunities. By having the latest business intelligence with regular updates, business decisions can be made on a solid foundation.

In this specific project, the intelligence guided Erajaya to the cities that offered the greatest potential. The focus markets were Malang, Cirebon, and Bali. GfK’s experts were able to suggest how Erajaya could grow these markets exponentially to become a retail force worthy of taking on the established players.

Proven results from reliable, accurate intelligence

Analysis of the results shows that Erajaya’s market share grew in all three cities year-on-year when comparing 2019 with 2018. In terms of the increase in sell-out for the same time period, Cirebon saw the largest growth year-on-year up 46%. In Malang, the rise was 176% and in Bali, sell-out posted an uptick of 38%. The insight and consultancy from GfK helped Erajaya to achieve its revenue targets.

A strong collaboration

Erajaya and GfK have worked together for many years and during that time they have formed a trusted partnership. The team at Erajaya uses the information and consultancy as an authoritative reference point from which to plan business expansion and strategy. Confidentiality plays a key part the foundation of trust between the two teams, a factor that is particularly important in such a competitive marketplace.

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