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Target your ideal consumer segments on the right channels and devices. GfK’s Consumer Segment Activation platform gives you detailed audience information that can be used seamlessly for media activation.

Get data-backed insights into consumer purchases, demographics, attitudes, and media consumption from our off-the-shelf solutions, or craft bespoke segments to suit your needs.

It’s time to win new customers, impact market penetration and drive shopper acquisition with enriched profiles that deliver maximum ROI on your marketing and advertising spend.

8 shopper profiles. A wealth of information.

Why wait to build your own custom shopper profiles? Immediately integrate FMCG shopper insights into your analyses and reporting with our off-the-shelf solutions. 

Our ready-made profiles are sharply defined by real purchasing behavior and attitudes, drawing from a panel of more than 30,000 households and real POS data. Enrich your understanding with detailed knowledge of their buyer indicators and sales types, brand choice and loyalties, time pressures, attitudes to advertising, and more.

We are delighted to launch in Germany, and will be expanding to other European markets soon. Watch this space!
Bargain hunters-1

Bargain hunters

Middle-aged shoppers between 50–69 years old. Whether they’re employed and living alone, empty-nesters, unemployed or part of the working poor — their financial limitations mean they’re always looking for the best deal.
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Flexible shoppers

Flexible shoppers

Young, working/middle class couples between 30–49 years old, who may have small children. Torn between daring, responsibility and financial pressure they’re price-aware but willing to spend a bit more for convenience and innovation.
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Wholesale buyers

One-stop shoppers

Working/middle class family shoppers with several children, or childfree couples up to 49 years old in caregiver roles. Pressed for time, and facing logistical challenges, they favor one-stop shops and say “yes!” to brands conveniently available at their preferred store.
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Comfortable patrons 2

Convenience shoppers

Store location and product selection justify high prices for these busy professionals who demand convenience. Brands and quality concerns win over price appearance for these shoppers of all age groups, who earn above-average per capita incomes.
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Premium shoppers

Premium shoppers

Upper/middle class shoppers who are the oldest shopper segment at 60+ years old, and the wealthiest. These premium buyers appreciate personalized service and have high demands of brands they believe can only be met through specialized trade.
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Organic buyers 2

Organic buyers

Conscious buyers of fresh organic food who support a sustainable lifestyle and prefer specialist brands and retailers. These retired families, and single working/middle class elders in small households enjoy high wealth and above-average incomes.
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Low-price bill buyers

Low-price buyers

Limited budget dominates shopping choices, and whichever brand or retailer offers the cheapest deal wins their purchase. These shoppers under 60 years old are mainly from very small households with low income and wealth.
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Selective Shoppers

Selective shoppers

This demographically inconspicuous segment have a pronounced preference for private labels. With low brand affinity and quality orientation, and high price awareness, these shoppers aged 50+ with average income and wealth show a preference for ALDI, independent of financial necessity.
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A complete target segment profile at your fingertips

Reach your target audience, at the perfect time, with a message they want to hear. Our high-quality, first-party FMCG and CPG panel data connects you with up-to-date, rich insights into consumer behavior that’s based on real purchases and includes an overview of their attitudes, demographics, device ownership, and more.

Advertisers, and marketing teams at FMCG companies use GfK Consumer Segment Activation to advertise with precision. Here’s what you could know when using it to plan your digital targeting.

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Optimize your campaigns with enriched data

GfK Consumer Segment Activation is designed to help you:

How it works

Optimize your advertising and marketing in 4 easy steps that bypass third-party cookie- and GDPR restrictions, and match strategic audiences with the right digital media channels. 

Using high-quality, first-party data assets, connected to the programmatic universe via PII-data matches with ID graphs, we match behavioral segments to channels to help you craft a foolproof marketing strategy and support your tactical implementation.

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