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Precise targeting for brand and sales uplift

Identify, enrich and activate your customer segments with GfK Consumer Segment Activation. We replicate your target group and measure media usage and exposure, purchase behavior & propensity, lifestyles and more within one source. Then we enrich a 3rd party’s platform (CDP/ID graph) you are working with or your own CRM data base with the audiences so that you can use enriched profiles in your digital campaigns in a GDPR compliant way. Enriched profiles allow your campaigns to run effectively so that you can win new customers, impact market penetration, and drive shopper acquisition.

Optimize your campaigns with enriched data

Imagine having a complete profile of your target custom

Our 300+ different segments are based on so much more than demographic data. We help FMCG leaders identify who people are, which media they consume, what they think, what they buy, and how and where thy buy it. 

Here’s a sample of how marketing teams and agencies that use GfK Consumer Segment Activation see their customer profiles.

Screenshot 2022-12-07 at 11.57.51

Spotlight on: The eco-active segment

Highly concerned about the environment, this growing segment of consumers invests energy and money in buying sustainably.

How it works

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