The alchemy behind creative and channel optimization

Mastering marketing effectiveness is achieved by those who have honed the art of balancing creativity with channel selection. Discussions at this year’s Cannes Festival highlighted the pivotal role played by both creative content and channel selection in increasing ad attention. GfK brand and marketing performance data backs this trend – accentuating the power of media mix, creative, and channel optimization to enhance brand visibility and drive growth.

The art of brand building

No brand is just its products or services; they are the stories that commit the brand to memory. While legacy brands benefit from decades of collective memories that can be repackaged and updated, emerging brands must focus on establishing their story in consumers’ minds. Regardless, emotional connection and creativity are key to crafting compelling narratives that resonate with audiences and create lasting impressions. Our GfK Brand Architect data reveals how emotional attachment drives brand strength. When brand strength is high and consumers remember a brand fondly, they are more likely to choose it over competitors. This makes creativity and emotional intelligence – the understanding of how the message is received – the core of brand building. 

What is art without an audience?

Imagine creating a masterpiece of art and then displaying it in a private basement; it simply won't get the attention it deserves. Even the most brilliant creative content can go unnoticed if it's not presented on the right platforms. Channel choice plays a crucial role in determining the success of your advertising efforts. So, which is more important, great creative or the right channels? Are they equal? According to the consensus at Cannes, media mix takes precedence.

  • Creative is tempered by performance on the platform… it’s better to have average creative on a high-attention platform than brilliant creative that’s simply scrolled past.”
    Karen Nelsen-Field
    Triple Opportunity of Attention webinar

Karen Nelsen-Field’s work sheds light on the intricate dynamics of attention across different media platforms. To achieve desired results, it’s essential to amplify channels where your advertising resonates most effectively. This is where media mix and platform marketing come into play. Strategically combining various media channels and optimizing them with platform-specific creative content, you can maximize your brand’s visibility and impact.

Is anybody paying attention?

In our previous article in this series, we looked at the challenge of solving the attention issue in digital advertising – and how vital attention is to influence brand recall and increase mental availability. Attention and creative are intricately linked.

  • The synergy between creative content and the right distribution channels emerges as the driving force behind successful advertising in today’s digital landscape. To thrive in the attention economy, marketers must master the art of pairing their creative genius with optimal channels.”
    Markus Saffer
    Head of Brand and Marketing Intelligence, GfK

Part of the problem lies in the common practice of repurposing the same creative across multiple channels. The same made-for-TV brand ad simply does not get the same traction when posted on TikTok or other digital channels. In fact, the same digital ad made for YouTube, for example, does not work as well on Instagram or Facebook. Media mix cannot be broad-stroke and needs to account for the fact that attention volume varies significantly between media platforms.

The solution involves uncovering a harmonious blend of creative excellence and a deep understanding of what type of messaging and format works on each platform. Armed with the right tools, marketing data can be leveraged to streamline your advertising efforts to get the balance between creative and channel mix right.

In an era marked by growing concerns about ad fraud, cookie deletion, and programmatic leakage, marketers are increasingly shifting their focus towards the attention economy. Attention data offers a transparency that traditional metrics cannot provide. This shift represents a departure from reliance on metrics such as clicks, CPM, device metrics, or reach, which have experienced a decline in credibility.

Success lies beyond attention

While seizing attention is crucial, fixating solely on this aspect falls short of the comprehensive outcome we seek. The true measure of a campaign’s success lies in its ability to transform consumer attitudes and behaviors, resulting in measurable changes in mental states and purchase patterns.

It’s not just about getting attention in the viewing moment; it’s about orchestrating a narrative that influences present and future purchasing decisions. To unravel the real impact, one must trace the journey back from the desired outcome, interweaving it with exposure data rather than fixating solely on attention metrics. This nuanced perspective is the compass that can guide marketers through the multifaceted landscape of the attention economy.

By embracing these principles and leveraging data measurement tools that focus on reach, frequency, and connection, advertisers can not only grab consumers’ attention but also build lasting brand memories, a collection of stories and drive brand uplift successfully.

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