New York, NY, 30.12.2021

GfK will transform CES presentation into virtual client event on “New Faces of Techno-Mobility”

Out of an abundance of caution, GfK North America has decided to forego its scheduled in-person presentation at the CES Research Summit next week – choosing instead to share the same insights via an interactive learning session on January 27th.

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Entitled “The New Faces of Techno-Mobility,” the presentation focuses on today’s roller-coaster auto marketplace – ripe with innovation, but also confusion. Electric vehicles (EVs) are generating daily headlines but have yet to make a major impact on sales. Meanwhile, a demanding new generation of car buyers, focused on authenticity and making a difference, is already transforming the auto marketplace.

Drawing on a variety of fresh GfK research, Julie Kenar (SVP, GfK AutoMobility™) and Eric Wagatha (Head, GfK Consumer Life, North America) will explore:

  • barriers that could slow mainstream EV acceptance
  • the roles of sustainability and green thinking in EV growth – present and future
  • expectations and desires of Gen Z (ages 14 to 22) – the next key generation of car intenders
  • smart technologies that likely car buyers consider “must-haves” today – from in-car voice assistants to autonomous driving

The session is based primarily on three studies:

  • GfK AutoMobility™ – the leading auto intenders brand and attitude insights research in the US
  • GfK AutoMobility AutoTech Insights Report – a close look at US auto tech preferences and attitudes, from EVs to autonomous cars 
  • GfK Green Gauge® – an ongoing GfK Consumer Life study of sustainability-related consumer attitudes and behaviors in 20+ countries. 

Sign up for the GfK virtual session at this link

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