GfK partnership with Xinsight and Miaozhen to launch GfK Crossmedia Link capabilities in China




Campaign Performance Analysis (CPA) will be the first solution available as GfK begins a unique expansion of its GXL services in China. CPA will offer media clients more accurate cross-media evaluation data, using a Single Source Panel.

Chinese consumers increasingly watch TV and go online to navigate, play and learn – using a variety of devices. The data trail of these behaviors is larger than ever, leaving advertisers with the growing challenge of having to engage with different data sources to effectively define the best media combination and most relevant, customized ads to drive ROI.

GfK, in cooperation with partners, Xinsight and Miaozhen Systems, has announced that its Campaign Performance Analysis (CPA) solution is now available in China. CPA enables media sellers to better align with advertisers in a cross-media campaign environment by demonstrating the power of their media with specific target groups. At the same time, advertisers can use GfK Crossmedia Link to identify the same consumer on different devices and understand a viewer’s digital journey and touchpoints in today’s complex world. 

GfK’s CPA solution is based on its Crossmedia Link approach, a single source cross-media measurement and insight service for media groups and advertisers, which is available in more than ten countries. GfK Crossmedia Link enables cross-media measurement and media planning through media tracking, analytics, and data management. It supports multiple purposes associated with questions around incremental reach, brand, advertising spend and sales conversion. This is a truly third-party, and independent solution that will take marketing research and evaluation to the next level. 

“GfK is committed to converting big data into marketing power,” Andy Zhao, Managing Director of Northeast Asia, GfK Consumer Choices comments. “Leveraging GfK’s global experience and deep understanding of local client’s requirements, we worked with the best data and innovation-driven partners in the digital marketing area, Xinsight and Miaozhen. Only such a ‘dream team’ can successfully bring GfK Crossmedia Link and CPA to China, generating business value in an effective and localized way.”

“With Crossmedia Link, GfK was one of the first companies worldwide to establish a working Single Source Cross-Media Panel. GfK Crossmedia Link positions the consumer at the center of cross-media data strategy, revealing decision paths through behavioural evaluation, measurement, and data integration; thereby helping advertisers and media owners make the right decisions in a complex and sometimes bewildering world of data. It is crucial that clients have access to objective data from third parties like GfK, Xinsight, and Miaozhen.” said Dr. Morten Boyer, Head of Media & Entertainment, GfK APAC. 

Wu Minghui, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Miaozhen Systems says, “GfK Crossmedia Link integrates all the media exposure data from a real consumer decision-making unit (individual or family), rather than from the traditional media or digital media sample pool. Instead of relying on the cross-media go-through algorithm, Crossmedia Link is based on a four-screen (computer, mobile phone, OTT TV, live TV) Ad monitoring panel. We can achieve up to 85% or more accurate rate through a strong platform verifying the real consumer behind the data.”

Peking Tan, Founder and CEO of Xinsight added, “We recruited 100,000 single source respondents to capture consumers’ media touchpoints and purchasing decisions, offering a more complete and clear understanding of how these interact. Drawing upon Xinsight’s strengths in data integration and emotional neuroscience solutions, we are also able to help advertisers to understand what consumers are thinking about and make the right decision.”

Letitia Li, Senior Marketing Research Director of Tencent Social Ads, a client of GfK Crossmedia Link, said, “The SSP effectively helps verify the unique media reach value when WeChat Moment was combined with other media channels. It demonstrates higher reach efficiency, new reach capability and high quality lead coverage.” 


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