Leuven, 08.10.2021

GfK adds promotional information to its FMCG Consumer Panel database in Belgium

GfK is delighted to announce its partnership with Daltix with regards to promotions in the FMCG market. During 2021 GfK Belgium and Daltix joined forces to enrich the Belgian GfK Consumer Panel database with promotional information on individual purchase record level.

Daltix, founded in 2016, gathers powerful insights through advanced data harvesting and analytics.  Amongst these activities is the daily monitoring of price and promo information in the retail market.

GfK Belgium and Daltix have worked intensively together the past year to link up the unique Daltix database with the Belgian GfK Consumer Panel database. This allows GfK to enrich its behavioral FMCG purchase data with additional information on promotions. More specifically all category purchases, apart from Fresh, will not only be tagged with whether a product was bought in promotion or not but also with which type of promotion. E.g. Discount amounts, discount percentages, multibuys, red prices, loyalty card actions etc.

This will allow GfK and its clients to investigate the impact promotions have on the actual purchase behavior and its evolution. Specific business questions can be answered on an ad hoc basis and next to this, these promotional insights can also be embedded structurally into the GfK market reports on a continuous basis.

As of January 2022, this promotional information will be available in its database for all of its clients. GfK will start with full year 2021 data and will continue tracking and reporting on a monthly basis as of January 2022 for most of the mayor FMCG players in Belgium.

“Quote Davy Van Raemdonck – Director Consumer Panel Belgium & The Netherlands”

“In our continuous journey to improve and maximize the use and benefits of our Market insights we are extremely happy to take this next step and enrich our database with the promotional insights. We are convinced that this will increase the added value of our behavioral shopper data as we can help our clients now even better with price and promo related business questions on a strategic level as well as on a tactical level.”

“Jonas Deprez – CEO Daltix”

“As a new player in the market, we have been focusing on creating the most detailed and accurate pricing and promotional data. We are very happy to see this validated by the collaboration of GfK. We are looking forward to unlocking the power of our combined datasets and to helping retail players with their business questions regarding pricing and promotions.”

In case you are interested to learn more about these analytical possibilities or if you would like to add price and promo related insights to your current reports, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your regular GfK contact person and let’s continue our conversation.



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Daltix – fueling your decision-making with data-driven insights

Daltix was founded in the summer of 2016 by Jonas Deprez to build a smart solution for collecting qualitative retail data. The goal? To bring real-time, reliable insights to the world of retail. Today, Daltix gathers price, promotion and product information via web scraping and field teams to provide world's most powerful retail data. Daltix serves three customer segments: Retailers, suppliers and third parties. For more information, please visit www.daltix.com

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