GfK New On-Demand Service for Brand and Communication Tracking


GfK introduces On Demand platform to address clients’ need for immediate insights, integration of multiple data sources as well as new flexible price options

GfK has today announced its next generation of brand and communication trackers, featuring real-time access to data, dynamic hot alerts sent for a variety of KPIs, and data visualization to speed up and improve decision making.

The new services, Brand Vivo On Demand for brand tracking and Experience Effects On Demand for communication and touchpoint effectiveness tracking, provide three distinct levels of on-demand service for GfK’s clients around the world. This means that clients are now able to take business actions whenever and wherever they need, therefore avoiding traditional timelines and delays for reports.

The platform is a first of its kind in the market and enables clients to select the level of service that suits their needs. Clients can choose between three service options: pure self-access (On Demand) where clients access data and analyze it easily with intuitive dashboards and visualizers on their own time; or a combination of self-access plus different levels of consultancy from GfK to suit flexible pricing options in the market (On Demand Smart and Plus).

“Today’s marketing eco-system evolves every minute and managers need to be able to detect this and respond instantly, from multiple sources, in a consumer-centric mode.” says Oliver Hupp, global director for brand strategy and tracking at GfK. “With On Demand, we are supporting our clients in shifting to technology and action-based insights that traditional online portals cannot provide.”

GfK’s investment in the On Demand platform is the continuum to its major commitment to enterprise feedback management and customer experience technologies, as well as into big and deep data development requiring “all in one place” data sources.

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