NewYork, 01.10.2018

GfK launches breakthrough global product tracking consumer purchase journeys online and offline



GfK has launched its Consumer Insights Engine, the first solution to provide a true market view of the online and offline consumer purchase journey for the technology and consumer durables industries. The Consumer Insights Engine is available in over 10 markets globally, including the US.

The Consumer Journey module is the first element of the Consumer Insights Engine to become available. It is the first and only solution for manufacturers and retailers in the technology and consumer durables industries to provide an intersection of different data assets to give a complete understanding of the customer journey, from trigger to post-purchase.

These data sources include market research, online consumer behavior data, and AI-enabled consumer review data. The Consumer Journey module gives on-demand access to actionable insights that drive smarter, faster business decisions via a unique user interface, the Consumer Insights Engine.

The new solution supports many business functions including Product, Category Management, Marketing, and Sales. These teams are under enormous pressure from saturating demand, shorter product life cycles, increasing importance of digital channels, increasing competition, and declining prices.

The Consumer Insights Engine delivers answers to questions like:

  • What triggers the realization of a need to purchase?
  • What channels do consumers use when researching products?
  • What are the most important attributes for consumers when deciding to purchase?
  • What do purchasers think and say about a product?

These consumer-focused business questions are what many technology and consumer durables manufacturers and retailers are facing today.

The solution is available in multiple markets, including: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, UK, Russia, India, China, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and the US. The product category focus is within the technology and consumer durables sector comprising IT, Major Domestic Appliances (MDA), Small Domestic Appliances (SDA), Printers, Gaming, Consumer Electronics and Personal Care.

Note: *In the US, GfK does not have access to Point of Sale data therefore the US data is calibrated using information gathered from a telephone survey based on probability-based sample representative of both mobile phones and landlines. No retailer data is used in the development of the US offering.


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