Singapore, 11.07.2023

GfK Awarded Six-Year Contract for Hong Kong Television Audience Measurement

Hong Kong, July 11, 2023 – GfK, a global leader in full-service data and analytics, founded in Germany, is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious six-year contract for Hong Kong Television Audience Measurement (HKTAM) from 2024 to 2030, by the Hong Kong TAM Founding Subscribers Committee (HKTAM FSC). The contract highlights GfK's commitment to delivering independent, transparent, and reliable television audience metrics, establishing its standing as the cornerstone of currency in the media industry. The partnership aims to provide stakeholders with valuable insights to respond quickly and enhance the quality of programs and advertising strategies.


Lee Risk, Vice President of Media Measurement Commercial in GfK, shared a broader perspective on the significance of the contract, stating, "The awarding of the HKTAM contract is a testament to GfK's position as a global leader in full-service data and analytics. We are thrilled to collaborate with the HKTAM FSC and the industry stakeholders to provide cutting-edge audience measurement solutions, assisting the media industry with valuable insights."

Rita Chan, GfK’s Director of Media Measurement, expressed her excitement at this development, stating, "We are deeply honoured to undertake the HKTAM contract. Our primary focus is to empower brands and industries with trusted market intelligence. This commitment is underpinned by GfK's innovative capabilities and strong track record in audience measurement technology. We pledge to deliver comprehensive data that will enable the media industry to make informed decisions and navigate the evolving landscape of TV consumption in Hong Kong, ultimately driving the transformation of the long-standing TV industry in a rapidly changing world."

The HKTAM FSC, a consortium of leading Free-To-Air (FTA) broadcasters and premier advertising agencies, selected GfK based on its cutting-edge methodologies, innovative people meter technology, and extensive global presence spanning over 50 countries and regions, including Hong Kong, where GfK has maintained a significant presence since its inception. The FSC includes Fantastic Television Limited (HOY TV), HK Television Entertainment Company Limited (ViuTV), Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), and 10 advertising agency members of the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Hong Kong (HK4As).

Shirley Lau, Chairperson of the HKTAM FSC and Managing Director at Starcom Hong Kong, said, "GfK's track record of excellence, innovative solutions and high-level commitment to quality made it an ideal choice for this key service. We are confident that their efforts will greatly benefit the industry, contributing to the accurate, reliable and transparent measurement that our media industry relies upon."

As the chosen provider of HKTAM, GfK's responsibilities go beyond data provision. GfK will collaborate with the FSC to design, review, and approve methodologies and technologies for audience measurement. This critical endeavour will not only enable stakeholders to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the latest market trends, but also assist broadcasters, production companies, advertising agencies and advertisers in gaining viewer insights to refine their programming and campaign strategies.

With audits conducted by an independent international body, the HKTAM data provided by GfK ensures compliance with international standards and the Hong Kong Consolidated TV Content Gold Standard (HKGS). This adherence to world-class benchmarks guarantees the highest quality data, fostering trust and confidence in the HKTAM system.

GfK's technology measures the viewing behaviour in 1,000 households, including individuals aged four and above. The system reports all viewing on the TV set, including live, time-shift and catch-up services up to seven days, using GfK’s proprietary people meter technology. Comprehensive data will be delivered promptly at 9:30 a.m. on every working day, informed decision-making in the fast-paced media landscape.




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The Hong Kong TAM Founding Subscribers Committee (HKTAM FSC) is a consortium of leading Free-To-Air (FTA) broadcasters and premier advertising agencies in Hong Kong. Committed to advancing the field of television audience measurement, the HKTAM FSC ensures the delivery of accurate and transparent data by endorsing methodologies and technologies that comply with international standards.

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